​​​​​​​Scientists:They may come from alien planets

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In the past few years, we have never stopped exploring alien life. From the current exploration situation, the possibility of existence of life on an alien planet exists. Taking our solar system as an example, our planet is naturally a planet full of vitality, and Mars is more than 55 million kilometers away from our planet. Although it is extremely desolate and arid, studies have shown that Mars still exists in water, and water exists. It means there is hope for life. In July-August this year, there will be three probes to start the trip to Mars. With the arrival of these probes, whether Mars has life or not may find the answer in the near future.

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When we have a lot When people are looking at the alien life to the outer planet, some scientists are also studying the life of the earth, hoping to find the mechanism of the origin of life on the earth. When studying the life of the earth, some scientists discovered that there are some unusual expressions of some living things on the earth, which do not look like life from our earth. What is the situation?

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No An ordinary octopus is different from many creatures on earth.

This kind of creature is our common”octopus”, I believe many friends know it. Although octopus is an invertebrate, it has many differences from general invertebrates. It is one of the most intelligent creatures among invertebrates. If there is only a difference in intelligence with other vertebrate species, this is not a strange thing, because the development of each creature is different, there will naturally be differences in intelligence. Octopus is relatively smart, which is not enough to show that octopus”does not belong” to the earth.

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Construct from limb In terms of aspects, an octopus has 8 legs, 3 hearts, and 2 memory systems (one of which is the brain memory system, and the other is connected to the suction cup). In addition, there are 500 million neurons in the octopus’s brain. The body is covered with all kinds of very sensitive receptors. The strange nerve structure, enables the octopus to have the thinking ability that ordinary animals do not have.

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In addition to finding that octopuses are smarter, researchers also found that there are as many as 33,000 genes in octopuses, which is about 10,000 fewer than our humans. By decoding the octopus genes, the researchers even found that the octopus gene sequence is not the same as some organisms on earth.TooIn addition, there is also a set of octopus Genes similar to ours, these genes allow octopuses to build neural networks, so octopuses also have certain learning abilities.

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Because there are many differences between octopuses and other invertebrates, and the intelligence of this animal is indeed relatively high, there are also some opinions that these unusual octopuses may come from the life of other planets, scientists The guess may be right. Of course, whether the octopus comes from an alien planet is currently only a guess. After all, we don’t have enough evidence to prove that there is extraterrestrial life in the universe, but these studies really show us that there are many differences between octopus and other life. .

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Assuming that octopuses do not belong to our earth, where do they come from? How did it get to our earth? I don’t know. It involves a problem that has plagued the scientific community for many years. About 600 million years ago, the earth suddenly appeared a large number of invertebrates in just a few million. This situation is called “ The Cambrian explosion of life”. In this regard, some scientific circles have made some speculations that the life of the earth may come from outer space. These”alien life” followed the comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies galloping in space, and finally fell into these planets. Since the earth’s environment was already very mild about 600 million years ago, it is suitable for gestating life, and these surviving lives began to grow on the earth.

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outside Star life may exist

Some friends may say that if the octopus is really from an alien planet, does that mean that we humans may not be the only intelligent life in the universe ? There is indeed such a possibility. Imagine if some living things on the earth come from an alien planet, which means that at least a certain planet already has an origin of life, then there will be the possibility that extraterrestrial life will come to the earth.

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There are enough planets in the universe, there may be alien life: Although we have not found alien life at present, but from the current exploration situation, the possibility of alien life exists Is relatively large. You know, There are many terrestrial planets like Earth in our galaxy, possibly reaching 6 billion. Among so many terrestrial planets, scientists have also discovered that the”ocean world” may be ubiquitous in the universe, that is, there will be huge oceans on many planets, such as the Jupiter, Pluto and other celestial bodies have found signs of a huge ocean. On our planet, huge oceans have played a very important role in the process of the life of the earth. In the oceans of other planets, some life will appear.

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The age of the universe is long enough to support the development of”alien life” in the direction of civilization: If life has also appeared on some alien planets, and these potential alien lifes have been gestated much earlier than we humans, maybe Smart life and alien civilization have been developed. British scientists have calculated that there may be at least 36 alien civilizations in our galaxy, and the results of this calculation are also reasonable. You must know that the age of the universe has reached more than 13 billion years. There is enough time for the environment of certain planets to become livable, and there is also enough time for life to develop in a more advanced direction. From the perspective of our human development history, we humans have become the most advanced intelligent life on earth in just a few million years, and have mastered a large number of advanced technologies in just a few thousand years. If there are certain intelligent lives deep in the universe, if they develop one million years, tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of years earlier than our human beings, the degree of development may be beyond imagination.

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We are constantly exploring Mars, in fact not to find advanced alien civilization directly on Mars, but to hope that we can find signs of alien life on Mars, even if it is only the first-level microorganisms, it will subvert our human life. Cognition. Because as long as extraterrestrial life is discovered, even microbes can show that our earth is not the only life planet, and extraterrestrial civilization may exist. This is one of the reasons we explore Mars.