10 finalists selected for the Beijing Olympic Winter Uniform Design

By ddzyx

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The picture shows a group photo of the participants. Photo courtesy of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

Zhongxin.com, Beijing, July 3 (Chen Hang) On the 3rd, the reporter learned from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee that according to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic The overall work arrangement for the solicitation and review of the visual design of uniform equipment for the Olympic Games. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee organized the first review of the application proposal submitted in the previous period from June 29 to July 1. The evaluation is divided into two parts:expert evaluation and mass evaluation, and finally selected 10 sets of shortlisted plans to enter the next step of deepening and modifying.

According to the introduction, in this solicitation activity, a total of 602 application proposals have been received from all walks of life, including 392 effective proposals. From June 29th to 30th, after the initial evaluation and re-evaluation, the expert committee finally judged 10 finalists.

Du Yuzhou, former vice minister of the Ministry of Textile Industry and former chairman of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said that the uniform of the Winter Olympic Games should achieve the combination of technology and art, function and beauty.

Fan Di’an, a member of the Committee of Experts in Uniform and Equipment Work, Dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, believes that clothing is a visual art, and its cultural connotation should be reflected by visual elements such as colors, tones, and lines. . Judging from the results of the uniform assessment of the Winter Olympics, the quality of the selected application programs is very high, condensing the efforts and wisdom of the design team. I believe that through such recruitment activities, it will have a good promotion for the design of sports clothing in China. effect.

Li Dangqi, a member of the Expert Committee of Uniform Equipment, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and the former chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said that the Olympics is a platform for displaying the national image, and the uniform design of the Winter Olympics should reflect Chinese culture and China. Features, further summarizing and improving in terms of integrity, detail design, and cultural sorting.

All day on July 1, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee organized 43 mass judges to vote and comment on 10 shortlisted proposals in batches. The mass judges were composed of people’s deputies, CPPCC members, and arts. Workers, athlete representatives, volunteer representatives, community workers, medical staff representatives, etc.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee said that in the next step, it will work with the design team to deepen the design of the 10 finalists and conduct a second review in due course. (End)