15 crew members were diagnosed with infection! Another oil tanker outbreak in Dutch port

By ddzyx
VwcHnbaEW8c3vwqPUBnxqrr9IDcwY9s6jMn2MU4L7 aTB13vLxccdzw - 15 crew members were diagnosed with infection! Another oil tanker outbreak in Dutch port

A product oil tanker”Minerva Oceania” under the Greek shipowner Minerva Marine broke out New coronavirus epidemic situation, more than half of the crew have been diagnosed, and a pilot who piloted the ship was also unfortunately”recruited”.

The”Minerva Oceania” docked at the port of Antwerp, Belgium on June 19, and is expected to continue to be isolated at the Leopold terminal in the port of Antwerp, at least until July 4, when the ship will be reassessed.

There are 26 crew members on the”Minerva Oceania”, and 15 crew members have been diagnosed. The two confirmed crew members are being treated in the hospital, but the situation is not serious. The rest of the crew remained on board. All confirmed crew members have been segregated in their own cabins, and Minerva Marine is working closely with the local health authorities and the Port of Antwerp authorities to closely monitor the conditions of these crew members.

On June 29, the pilot responsible for leading the”Minerva Oceania” into the port of Antwerp was also detected to be infected with the new coronavirus, while another pilot on the ship tested negative.

For this reason, the Belgian Maritime Services Agency (MDK) has filed a complaint against the captain and shipping company of the”Minerva Oceania”, questioning whether the captain’s health declaration has been faithfully completed.

Minerva Marine’s spokesman Cor Rading said the captain reported the symptoms of the new coronavirus on the ship immediately, that is, the day after the “Minerva Oceania” arrived in the port of Antwerp and the pilot disembarked ; The Federal Ministry of Health (Saniport) also considers this a timely report.

The data shows that before arriving in the port of Antwerp, the last port of”Minerva Oceania” docked on June 3 at Kali Limenes, Crete, Greece. The ship departed from Las Ravan, Qatar, and after a month of voyage, arrived in Antwerp on June 19.

The”Minerva Oceania” is an MR2 product oil tanker built by the Japanese Onomichi Shipbuilding in 2009 and hangs the Maltese flag. The ship is owned by Express Shipmanagement Corp and Minerva Marine is responsible for ship management.