15-year-old overseas goalkeeper:hope to get his first professional contract in Spain

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Reporter Wang Wei Report If not affected by the epidemic, Li Jiafeng, who is studying abroad in Spain, will use the holiday beginning on June 28 to return to Guangzhou to prepare for the exam, but now, he cannot return, he hopes that the epidemic will not affect his domestic Student status.

When the epidemic in Spain was the worst, how did Li Jiafeng and his teammates keep training? What new horizons has his overseas experience given him in the past two years? Through the introduction of Li Jiafeng, people can also get to know the life thinking of this 15-year-old football boy…

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◆”Football”:Xiaoli, hello! In the past three months, the Spanish epidemic has been very serious. How did you survive this extraordinary period?

Li Jiafeng:Starting in March, Wanda Group’s people transferred our overseas players from their respective clubs to a base near Madrid. Closed management. Throughout the closed management process, we insisted on indoor training, while using online courses to keep up with the school’s learning progress and exams. The entire process and management is similar to the situation in China, and it is in a closed state and relatively safe.

In the process of closed life, it is not difficult to train with a large amount of exercise, nor can it affect the physical state because of it, is it difficult?

When the Spanish epidemic was worst, the club packed the bus and took us from The Basque Country where the Royal Society clubs are concentrated in Madrid. It took us more than 5 hours to get to Madrid by bus. However, this guarantees safety. We were isolated there for more than two months. Around the end of May and early June, the Spanish epidemic was under basic control, so we returned to the Royal Society Club.

When centralized isolation, each club arranges its own coach to follow the players to the base of Madrid, our coaches arrange a series of targeted for us every day training. Our coaches are very responsible and very strict in our management. We try our best to help our training and our body not be affected by the epidemic, so that we can maintain our state without outdoor field training. We are very grateful to the coaches for their efforts.

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How is the closed period managed?

It is basically the same as the domestic measures. For example, in ordinary life, we must wear masks, and we must maintain enough between people. Distance, the members of several of our clubs live in a building, but they are on different floors and cannot cross rooms. When we go to the dining hall to eat, we have to stagger the time to eat.

In the small space of the room, how do you train?

The closed indoor training is mainly to supplement the imperfections in strength, physical fitness and coordination. After all, the training space in the hotel room is limited, so we moved the beds, cabinets, and other items to the side to maximize the training space for strength. After more than two months, I feel that my physical condition is still good.

Your peers are preparing for the national entrance examination in China, but because of the impact of the epidemic, you can only stay in Spain and cannot return to the country to take the exam, How do you plan to overcome this difficulty?

Indeed, this is a big problem, and this is not a factor that individuals can decide, they can only adjust their mentality and slowly find Solutions to the problem. Now I very much hope that the high school membership in the country will not be affected and continue to finish my studies in the country.

In the days of studying abroad in Spain, in addition to learning football professional skills, what plans have you made for yourself in cultural studies?

In addition to playing football, the Royal Society Club itself attaches great importance to the learning of the players. My plan for myself is that in these years in Spain, I can master Spanish and English proficiently, and have achieved a certain level. Of course, my daily communication in Spanish is no longer a problem, but English is a bit down, and I will start later. Concentrate on English. Because I am already proficient in Spanish, I now communicate with my teammates and classmates, including host families in Spain, in Spanish, and there are no obstacles. For us players, it is always good to master several languages.

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“Football”:I remember in 2018, as an excellent domestic player, you were invited to watch the World Cup in Russia, and then you received an invitation to stay in Spain. When it was time to choose whether to stay abroad, was it difficult to decide?

Li Jiafeng:I believe that for many young football players, it is a dream and a part to play in the five major league teams Honours, too. I hope to go abroad to watch and experience the football here, so this choice is not difficult.

I have been in Spain for almost two years, what changes and improvements do you think?

The biggest improvement is in the football concept. After studying and feeling for the past two years, I think that Spanish football has some differences in the cultivation of youth football concepts in China. The football concept here is that the most important thing for player training is the improvement of overall quality, such as focusing more on training players to be present. How to deal with the ball’s thinking ability instead of the coach telling him how to play the ball. Relatively speaking, more emphasis is placed on the player’s individual play and creativity, which is to respect the player’s own decision on the court, rather than the coach telling the player how to play.

You usually train with Spanish players of the same age. What do you think is the biggest difference between your friends here and the country?

As far as my own team is concerned, every coach and teammate will pay attention to academic and daily life skills. This academic includes football expertise And culture class. In Europe, from coaches to young players of my age, the basic consensus is that football is only part of life, not all of life, so there will be no closed training for young players. Pays great attention to the feeling in life, and does not regard football as the whole life.

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How do you feel about the Spanish football atmosphere?

The football atmosphere in Spain is really first-class, not just the first team or La Liga Only the team’s games attracted attention, including the youth game, which has a big investment, and there are many people who are focused. The youth game will also have a lot of spectators. What made me most memorable was that during Christmas last year, our team participated in a cup match. That was the final. I made my debut. At that time, there were thousands of spectators to watch. One time I made a key save and the applause of the audience The applause sounded at the same time, which made me very excited because playing such a youth competition in China rarely saw so many spectators coming in, let alone applauding and shouting, it was very unforgettable.

As a goalkeeper, at this position in international football, do you have any idol?

My idol is the Brazilian goalkeeper of Liverpool Alisson not only plays stably, but also has a very comprehensive technique. I think he is one of the most comprehensive goalkeepers in football in the world today and is a very good learning object for me.

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“Football”:In terms of physical and football awareness, how do you think the goalkeepers in China are different from the goalkeepers in Europe? What are the advantages of each?

Li Jiafeng:Compare myself. Goalkeepers of the same age in Europe are generally better than me, taller than me, or stronger than me. Some factors are determined innately, but it also depends on individual efforts. Domestic goalkeepers also have their own characteristics, such as good use of skills and quick response. These characteristics are also the basic conditions that a good goalkeeper should have. Therefore, to stay abroad is to expand your horizons, learn more about the excellent places in foreign football, and then learn from each other to make yourself better and stronger.

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Have you ever visited Wu Lei and Lin Liangming two big brothers?

My time in Spain was basically staggered with Lin Liangming. When I first arrived, he was preparing to return to play football. I still pay a lot of attention to Wu Lei, because there is no time difference, so I will watch every game of the Spanish through the online platform. Brother Wu Lei is the only Chinese player currently playing in the top five leagues. It must be a role model for our overseas players to focus on and learn from. I hope to have the opportunity to learn from him on the spot and hope that I can stand in La Liga one day. .

After I studied abroad, I was busy studying and there was a time lag. Do you still care about domestic football?

Of course, we must pay attention to domestic football. I have been paying attention to the dynamics of the Chinese Super League. Of course, I am most concerned about the Guangzhou team in my hometown. .

Do you have any career plan for yourself?

In the past two years of studying abroad, I have never forgotten my original intention to decide to go abroad to study abroad. I still have my dreams . My dream, or it can be said that my career plan is that the youth training stage of football ends at 18 years old. I hope that after my 18th year of age, my first professional contract is to play in Spain. I hope to stand in the future. Improve yourself in the La Liga field, then serve Chinese football, play for the Chinese team, and look forward to working with the national teammates to help Chinese football have a place in Asian football and world football.

You are 15 years old and the U15 national junior team has not yet formed, but you have many excellent overseas players, including Wanda Li Hao, the U16 goalkeeper at Liuyang, has been selected to the national junior team. Next, he will represent the U16 national junior team to participate in the Asian Games. What are your preparations for the dream of entering the national team in the future? ?

It is an honor for every player to play for the national team and wear the national jersey. I will definitely work hard in the direction of the national player. I hope One day I can be selected as the national team of my age. As for my personal preparation, my overseas study is the most powerful preparation. The Li Hao you just mentioned, he is also a player from Guangzhou. He used to be in the same team. My brother is a very good player. I wish them good results in this year’s Asian Games.

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There are many young players learning to play football in Europe now, and it will not be less in the future. You have nearly two years of overseas study experience. What do you think of your future overseas friends, Experience sharing?

Language. Although the focus of studying abroad is to learn football professional skills, language is the foundation, including in the team and coaches, players, in the club and the staff, in the host family and the landlord, and the communication with these people are inseparable Language, and to understand and be familiar with the local culture in daily life, it is impossible to achieve without language. From my personal experience, when I first arrived in Spain, my Spanish was not good enough, but when I came here, I was willing to say that I was not afraid of ugliness. Now my language barrier has passed smoothly.

In addition, in the communication with local people, we must talk about integrity and sincere communication. For example, in my host family in Spain, my relationship with the host family is very good. They also like me very much and treat me like their son.

So I think that as an overseas player, the most important thing is to open your mouth and open your heart to communicate. I am a person who likes to talk and communicate very much. I will share Chinese culture, humanities and landlords. They are also happy to listen to my introduction. If there is a holiday, they also want to take me out for a walk and feel the Spanish culture. And culture. I think that if this can be done, it should be considered well integrated into the local life.

My idea is that Liuyang should not only improve football skills, but also absorb some local culture, and then broaden his horizons and ideas.