19-year-old Zhang Zifeng caught fire students wear:small floral + jeans, the most recognized on campus

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Zhang Zifeng, as a new-generation actor, is also well-known to everyone, especially Xiao Fangdeng, who played in the”Tangshan Earthquake”, has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of audience friends.

She and Peng Yuchang starred in the movie”Take my brother away”, the acting skills are remarkable, especially the last sentence of the play”You took me off”, captured Tears from many boys and girls.

In front of the screen, Zhang Zifeng is a shy and lovely girl , Privately, she is a little darling, 19-year-old Zhang Zifeng is quiet and shy. Although she is a little star in life, she is very fresh and fashionable, but also grounded. Who can’t love such cute girls.

Floral pattern with denim, the retro style of the 60s. The little girls after 00 are all gorgeous personalities, and it is not easy to calmly appreciate this natural beauty.

Girls who like literature and art are all sexy and tender little women Although there is no gorgeous red lips like flames, but it has a unique taste. After getting tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, and yearning for the tranquility of the township, let’s go.

The black trendy fisherman hat, with this idyllic floral shirt, and this inadvertent gentle smile, seems to be immersive and relaxed. The black backpack, with the British denim, seems to announce the character of the owner.

In this quiet corner, time seems to be still, at this moment, Find that mysterious answer in this lonely world.

The floral shirt dress is the best way to show the temperament of the literary girl. With the black shoulder bag and leather bag, the female educated youth’s breath overflows the screen.

Sunshine smile, with a shoulder bag, plus This playful and lovely expression seems to be full of sunshine in the sky. Short hair shoulders, lace round neck shirt, creating a strong literary style.

NB black sports suit, stylish and not exaggerated

In fact, like the age of 19, it is still recommended to wear some simple and generous. Casual clothes are generally the first choice for student girls. If you want to wear fashion and sexy in leisure , That suit must be the best choice, the suit does not have to think about matching, so that it can save a lot of unnecessary expenses for wearing a single product.

There is also the choice of color, if you like pink, blue Girls who are colored must consider whether the skin is white or not. When buying clothes, whether the color is a positive color. If the color is not correct, you will look very low on the body. And the bright sweater suit, the color is particularly positive. The price will not be too cheap. So if there is not enough funds, black and white may be the best choice.

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As the saying goes:”Smile, less ten years”. Laughter is also the most infectious expression in the world. Laughter, general luck is not too bad, but do you know? How long haven’t you been laughing outrageously, and today’s society is depressing and even a little breathless, but are we going to be so helpless, no, you can laugh like laughter like Zhang Zifeng in the picture, break the dullness with laughter Atmosphere, infect people around you with laughter. Star modeling review contest