1%of the population infected The White House called”low mortality beats most countries”

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A country with a population of only 4%of the world’s population, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia accounted for a quarter of the global total of confirmed cases, about 25%, and deaths accounted for nearly a quarter of global deaths One. About 1 in 100 Americans is infected with New Crown Virus. Faced with this fact, the US White House press secretary said at a press conference on the 13th that in response to the epidemic,”the United States defeated most countries.”

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White House Press Secretary Kelly McNerney:Compared with other countries, we have the largest number of tests in the world. If we compare the mortality rate with other countries, our mortality rate is very low compared with those of industrial countries, which defeats most countries.

The White House Press Secretary McNerney’s low mortality rate was attributed to over 3.36 million infections and more than 135,000 deaths in the United States. In the southern state of the new epidemic in the United States, Florida, the epidemic is rebounding at an alarming rate. In the words of Suarez, the mayor of Miami, the state-“The numbers are out of control”, the information released by the US federal government is completely out of touch with reality. Faced with an out-of-control epidemic, the people of Florida have become intolerable.

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Governor of Florida Ron de Santis:I remember when I came to Jackson (Memorial Hospital) in early March, the outbreak just happened. At that time, Miami-I don’t know if Dade has only 1 positive case, or 2 cases, but now the situation is significantly different.

On-site protesters:Don’t be embarrassing, our daily cases are breaking records, but you do nothing. You also forged information and misled the public. (Florida) more than 4,000 people have died, but you blamed the protesters (spread the epidemic). You people are clueless and have nothing to do, which is shameful.

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