200 colleges and 17 states sued, Trump finally”confessed”, US media:the battle is not over

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According to the New York Times report on July 15, after the joint prosecution of 200 universities and 17 states in the United States, Trump finally”acknowledged” 34 and announced the cancellation of the new visa regulations for international students, but the injury has already been caused, This battle is not over.

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At present, the epidemic situation in the United States is grim and each Colleges and universities have chosen to use online courses for teaching, but this plan has been disrupted by the Trump administration. Trump asked students to either go back to school or give up their visas, which caused a lot of public dissatisfaction. Harvard University President Larry Barco, directly called Trump’s move &34; cruel and rude&34;.

On July 14, the government responded to the joint lawsuit between colleges and local governments. The Trump administration agreed to withdraw this policy, but angry Americans still refused. It has been suggested that this misleading policy is one of the many signals that the government wants foreign students to leave. This attitude reflects a serious misreading of American interests.

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The article states that in this country During the long-term competition, The advantage of the United States is that he can attract the best and brightest people in the world to work and create together.

Forcing foreign students to give up studying in the United States would be a catastrophic self-defeating for the United States. While training top international students, the United States also nurtures top domestic students through mutual challenge and motivation, thereby gaining huge innovation advantages and improving the level of the entire team.

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The survey shows that 83%of doctoral students are in Five years after receiving a degree, he will remain in the United States. These high-level scientists and engineers are also driving innovation in the United States. But as some people in the United States tried to restrict foreign students, issued a hostile voice against them, and this number began to decline.

I have to admit that when the United States rejected talented foreign students, not only did we lose everything they brought to our classrooms and laboratories, we also gave up a strategic asset , And American opponents will happily welcome their arrival.

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On the other hand, if you refuse to study abroad, you may Further damage to the US economy.

According to the opening report of the international education exchange in 2019, the largest international student in the United States is from China, followed by India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada. There are fewer students enrolled in the fall.

These international students usually pay higher tuition fees than domestic students, and are one of the main sources of income for American universities. In 2018, the tuition, miscellaneous fees and living expenses of these international students contributed to the US economy $45 billion.

Some outstanding international students have contributed to the US economy even after graduation. According to ABC News in the US, One-quarter of the founders of US$1 billion startups are international students.