22-year-old beautiful girl student makes an American boyfriend

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A 22-year-old student who is a beautiful American student makes an American boyfriend and gets AIDS through drug addiction

Zhuhai drug control

Zhuhai drug control

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According to reports, a 22-year-old female student studying in the United States Li Ai, because he had a boyfriend during his study abroad. Under the guidance of the drug addiction, and unfortunately infected with AIDS. She should have returned to China in June this year, and now she can only return home to treat her illness while treating her drugs.

A good girl with a good family

Parents take care of them and send them to study abroad

Li Ai has a good family , The father is a civil servant, the mother is the boss of a private enterprise. When Li Ai graduated from high school in June 2017, her parents sent her 19-year-old to study in the United States.

For Li Ai, who has already graduated from high school and is about to embark on a journey to study abroad, her parents are just as worried. Before Li Ai left, her parents kept telling her,”Be careful yourself and don’t trust others. Don’t make friends with your boyfriend. This will affect your study and may cause unnecessary trouble.”

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Li Ai set foot on the way to study in the United States at the advice of his parents. When he arrived in the United States, Li Ai did study hard, but every weekend, his classmates disappeared. Only Li Ai stayed in the empty bedroom alone. She felt as if she was out of tune with her classmates.

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Envy the colorful life of classmates

Friendly and handsome blond boyfriend

After half a year of college, Li Ai decided not to live as before. She began to accept the invitation of classmates, and even actively participated in various club activities.

Late half a semester, Li Ai attended his birthday party at the invitation of a white classmate. After eating, a group of people went to sing together. In the process, Li Ai met Jack, a blond, tall and handsome American man.

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Jack left Li Ai’s phone number. The next day, Jack called Li Ai to have Western food. Li Ai agreed happily. Soon, she agreed to Jack’s pursuit. What she didn’t know is that at the same time, Jack also had several other girlfriends, and he was infected with AIDS.

But it didn’t take long for Li Ai to discover that Jack often disappeared inexplicably, and asked his friend that his friend would not tell Li Ai about his whereabouts. Li Ai secretly went to Jack’s place to check.

Drug addiction for trying to take drugs for love

I was found to be infected with AIDS,”It turns out that he is more than a girlfriend”

On a weekend in November 2018, Li Ai found Jack in the corner of a bar frequented by Jack. Jack was lying on the sofa, sucking something in his mouth. In the dim light of the bar, although Li Ai could not recognize what it was, but from his friends’ flashing words, Jack’s concealment and his drug education, Li Ai knew he was taking drugs.

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Lee Emmer returned to the bedroom and wept bitterly. Two weeks later, she asked Jack to meet. She wanted to persuade Jack to quit the drug. Unexpectedly, Jack shook his head and said,”This is a very common thing.” He rejected Lee. Ai’s request. Li Ai, whose self-esteem was hit, burst into tears again.

A week later, Li Ai persuaded himself,”Love a person not only loves his strengths, but also his weaknesses.” Li Ai decided to accept Jack’s behavior.

Later, with Jack’s encouragement, she also embarked on this path of no return. A few months later, Li Ai was inseparable from this drug called”smile gas”.

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At a weekend in early 2019, Li Ai and Jack went out to camp together, and Li Ai’s leg was scratched while setting up a tent. Going to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her”you have a problem with your blood, you are infected with AIDS.” But she only had a relationship with Jack, she knew it was Jack who infected her, and she only knew it after inquiring, Jack Not only her girlfriend.

Parents regret not taking the medicine back home for treatment

Lost good prospects are lost

Li who is emotionally broken After a period of psychological struggle, Ai decided to accept the bad news of telling her parents in reality. The father, Li, who learned the truth, regretted not doing the same and went through the suspension of school for Li Ai, and took her back to the country for treatment.

It should have been a promising future for Li Ai, because her curiosity led her to the abyss step by step. The police reminded that there must be no curiosity about drugs. Once contaminated, one after another A tragedy that makes everyone suffer.

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Li Ai, who is not deeply involved in the world, because her parents’ overprotection made her lack of protection against others, stepped on a path of no return at the encouragement of her boyfriend, which also warned all parents, Everything is too late. Excessive protection and excessive pampering will affect the child’s self-survivability to a certain extent.

For all children in the ivory tower, one sentence that should be remembered is:”There is no harm to the heart, and a heart to the guard is not necessary.”

Children are going abroad, how should parents prepare

Reflections on events

Parents must check before sending children to study abroad Whether the child has the ability to live independently, and whether he has a mature mind. At the same time, you can let your child go to an international school that is in line with the international curriculum, so that the child does not have to be too young to study abroad, and can also learn about the international curriculum and international culture in advance.

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Is there a strong backup for children abroad? Parents who are thousands of miles away”will not be able to hydrolyze their thirst” when their children are in an emergency. At this time, relatives, friends, and classmates who have been entrusted in advance will”take the lead” for you. In emergencies, these “back-ups” who know more about the situation abroad than parents are the best channels for children to seek help when they encounter problems in their daily lives.

Cocaine consumed by Americans accounts for one-third of the world’s production.Advise children who go abroad to study, although various drugs such as cannabis and nitrous oxide are likely to be by your side It happens, but it must be strictly guarded against, and don’t try easily because of curiosity!

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Information source| Shaanxi Provincial Drug Control

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