24 people were diagnosed on the”Devil” flight. Is there anything wrong with Cambodia?

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On July 14, the Ministry of Health of Cambodia issued an announcement that 9 new people were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. Each of these 9 people departed from Saudi Arabia, transferred via Malaysia, and arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia at 17:25 on July 10. In addition to the 15 newly confirmed cases announced by the Cambodian Ministry of Health on July 12, a total of 24 people were diagnosed on the flight, and the remaining 70 passengers were undergoing quarantine observation.

According to the public information, on July 10th, 80 Cambodian students in Saudi Arabia took a special commercial flight MH762 and returned to Cambodia via Malaysia. They separated at 4:30 pm on July 10th. Open Kuala Lumpur and arrive at Phnom Penh at 5.25pm. There were 94 people on the flight, including 14 people boarding from Malaysia.

Comparing flights and time points, you can confirm the diagnosis in the near future The 24 people are all Cambodian students staying in Saudi Arabia.

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Is it wrong for Cambodia to take back stranded citizens?

Since April, Cambodia, the confirmed cases have only appeared sporadically. Only 9 flights from Indonesia to Cambodia were diagnosed on June 25. The number of diagnoses is relatively large, and this is the same 24 people were diagnosed on the flight.

There are netizens worried that Cambodia can do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. There is no nucleic acid detection requirement for Cambodian citizens to enter the country, and there is no need to pre-store 3,000 US dollars. For foreigners, visas, nucleic acid test reports, medical insurance and $3,000 advance deposit. On the one hand, it raises the entry threshold for foreigners, and it is aimed at foreigners; on the one hand, there are no requirements for nationals, resulting in a sudden increase in imported cases.

According to official Cambodian data, after the outbreak, so far, more than 100,000 citizens have returned to Cambodia from abroad.

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Protection of national citizens is the responsibility of the country

The current global epidemic is still spreading, with more than 12.9 million diagnosed people, 570,000 deaths, and 23.5 cumulative confirmed diagnoses in Saudi Arabia Ten thousand, 2852 people were newly diagnosed on July 13, and the cumulative number of diagnoses ranked 14th in the world. It can be said that the epidemic situation is still serious.

On the basis of good control of the country’s epidemic, Cambodia assists in detention The return of foreign students in Saudi Arabia is the embodiment of the state’s protection of citizens. It is also reasonable for domestic nationals not to require nucleic acid detection and pre-deposit. Moving from place to place, our people also have no such additional restrictions when returning to China. Under the epidemic situation, the nationals and foreigners are treated differently. This is the policy implemented by most countries. It is impossible for a country to require a country to spend taxes from nationals on foreigners.

Actually, as early as June, the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia organized a charter flight for the evacuation of overseas Chinese from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and went directly to Lanzhou, China. The passengers on board were all Chinese citizens stranded in Saudi Arabia after the outbreak. Whether it is China or Cambodia, taking back citizens residing in countries with severe epidemics is a manifestation of state responsibility.

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The focus of epidemic prevention and control is still strict prevention of imports

As long as the global epidemic has not ended, sporadic increases in imported cases will be the norm. What the Cambodian authorities need to do is to strictly prevent foreign imports. At present, Cambodia requires everyone entering the country to undergo nucleic acid testing, which is extremely important for the control of the epidemic. Controlling the source will not cause an outbreak in the country.

After 9 newly diagnosed patients with new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed, 8 people who were in close contact with the diagnosed were placed in centralized isolation overnight. According to Ministry of Health spokesman O Wanding said on July 15 that the eight people and the diagnosed were waiting for the test results on different floors on the same day, so they were close contacts. Although they were not confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus, they decided to The eight people were concentrated and isolated.

Everyone’s nucleic acid test greatly reduces the risk of virus transmission, but they can be isolated at home after the negative result of the entry test. It is difficult to ensure that everyone will consciously isolate for 14 days.”Fish” exists, and there is still a risk of an outbreak. The compatriots in Cambodia still usually take protective measures, wear masks, and maintain a certain social distance when going out.

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