42-year-old Yuan Quan traveled, wearing a black shirt with white pants

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As a representative of intellectual women in the entertainment world, Yuan Quan is an actress Many middle-aged women want to live. From the style of the pure goddess when she first debuted, to the current strength to perform the domineering royal sister, the impression that the actress Yuan Quan gives can be said to be very variable. In this trip, Yuan Quan, who wears black nine pants under a white shirt, has a classic look and looks very advanced.

The black and white color combination is a very classic and beautiful combination The white shirt is definitely one of the favorite fashion items of mature women. The comfortable fabric and simple design make the white shirt look both low-key and high-end. Paired with black cropped trousers, it is easy to wear the elite style of the workplace. This dress suits Yuan Quan’s usual intellectual temperament.

A dress like this, with a refreshing and capable look The short hair style also shows Yuan Quan’s confident and elegant charm. Unlike many fresh meat actors who are now idols, Yuan Quan’s intellectual maturity comes from her love and hard work in acting for so many years since her debut. It is such a distinctive temperament that even Yuan Quan, who wears such a simple style, still looks so advanced and elegant.

Looking at Yuan Quan’s dress, it can be said that it is very Simple and atmospheric. The V-neck design of the shirt highlights Yuan Quan’s slender and slender neck. Such a shape is very suitable for female friends who are engaged in office work such as workplaces, which not only meets the work status, but also wears a sense of high-level dress. Female friends who like this simple and capable style, may wish to try this style!

Yuan Quan when he was young, a proper big beauty . At that time, she was still sweet and fresh. She was wearing a white suspender skirt at the beach, and she looked extraordinarily pure and moving. Judging from the style of this skirt, Yuan Quan has always favored minimalist style clothes since his debut. Perhaps it is this simple style that just highlights Yuan Quan’s own clean temperament.

The same shirt style clothing, Yuan Quan chose this time A shirt top made of satin material is paired with a high waist wide-leg pants of the same material. Clothes made of satin material look very soft and have a great texture on them. It is particularly worth mentioning that Yuan Quan’s shirt has a streamer design. This simple style of decoration makes the overall dress look more design. At the same time, high-waisted wide-leg pants are a very tall and thin clothing, making Yuan Quan look more temperamental.

Speaking of the aura, how can you get less suits? ? Yuan Quan, who is tall and slender, puts on a black suit, which looks more tall and capable. Inside the blazer is a vertical striped shirt with a large V-neck. The top looks more like Yuan Quan’s neck is extremely slender. While highlighting the mature female aura, she is still sexy.

In addition to the formal shirt style, wear casual white Yuan Quan, with shirts and black jeans, looks equally charming. This shape is also a very classic black and white match, looks very refreshing and simple. Paired with a pair of white shoes, it makes the overall look very young and young. Yuan Quan’s casual style, no one must say that it is not good-looking!

It is still a very classic black and white match, wear a skirt Yuan Quan’s feeling is another kind of beauty. The pure white vest is paired with a short black pleated skirt, which is absolutely minimalist in style. I usually see a pleated skirt with a uniform top. Yuan Quan’s vest with a short skirt looks more innovative. Of course, a dress like this has relatively high requirements for girls’ body, but don’t try it easily for girls who have some fat!

Yuan Quan wearing a skirt is still beautiful People are moving. Putting a white T-shirt in the black-gray suspender skirt, wearing Yuan Quan in front of the camera, gives a ballerina a sense of sight. She, who still keeps her short hair, looks extremely clean and fresh, and the skirt rises slightly with the wind, feeling that Yuan Quan will dance as a dancer next second.

Black clothing is the most feminine, wearing Yuan Quan, a black dress with a long dress, feels very noble and elegant. This skirt is made of pure black fabric, and the irregular design of the hem is the biggest highlight of this skirt, giving a low-key but yet fashionable feeling. A pair of high heels is also indispensable in a dress. This skirt is paired with a pair of dark green pointed high-heeled heels, which perfectly complements Yuan Quan’s slender and slender legs.

When female stars appear in appearance, few people will Choose to wear a pink appearance. If the pink color is not properly matched, you will accidentally wear a rustic feel. But Yuan Quan put on this pink dress, it feels extremely elegant and soft. The upper body adopts a loose-fitted round neck design with a hint of ethnic flavor; the lower part of the skirt incorporates the design of a pleated skirt, so that it will not appear slightly monotonous because of the solid color clothing.

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