449 new cases of new crown diagnosed in Japan, Governor of Tokyo issued an alarm

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Source:China News Network

Zhongxin.com July 15th According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) report, as of 9 pm local time on the 15th, local time, Japan has added new crowns to confirm the case 449 cases, a record high of newly confirmed cases in a single day since the national emergency was lifted.

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Information:The streets of Shibuya, Tokyo under the epidemic. China News Service reporter Lu Shaowei

According to reports, as of now, a total of 28 new prefectures have appeared in Japan on the 15th, of which, Tokyo Metropolis added 165 cases. In view of the continued deterioration of the epidemic situation, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government basically decided on the 15th that it will raise the four-stage indicators of the new crown epidemic situation to the highest level.

Reported that the Governor of Tokyo Yuike Koike held a press conference on the afternoon of the 15th local time and was there The”Infection Expansion Alert” was published on the Internet. Koike said,”Now it’s time to issue the”Infection Expansion Alert”.” At the same time, based on the New Crown Outbreak Special Measures Act, she called on the Tokyo Metropolitan people and relevant companies to cooperate to jointly prevent and control the outbreak.

Specifically, Koike asked the Tokyo people to avoid spending in stores where the epidemic prevention measures are not perfect, and not to leave Tokyo if necessary. At the same time, she also asked the relevant operators to do good staff temperature measurement and store disinfection And other epidemic prevention measures.

In addition, although the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has not yet issued a suspension request to some industries, Koike revealed that if the epidemic continues to spread, it will consider requesting the central government to revise the relevant laws and regulations so that it can deal with shops that do not comply with the suspension requirements. Penalize.

Japan’s new crown epidemic occurred in January. Since the end of March, the infection has been expanding. The Japanese government declared a state of emergency on April 16. After the epidemic situation stabilized, the Japanese government announced the lifting of the state of emergency nationwide on May 25. However, since mid-June, Japan’s epidemic situation has rebounded. At present, the cumulative number of diagnoses in Japan has exceeded 23,000.