73 of the world’s strongest Ali math contests are released

By ddzyx

On July 2nd, the second Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition held an awards ceremony. After two rounds of preliminaries and one round of finals, there were 8 from China, the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Singapore, Georgia, etc. The 73 national contestants became the final winners. Contest promoter Ma Yun congratulated all participants,”We are not learning mathematics for ranking and results, we are learning mathematics for our love.”

The Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition (Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition) is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Alibaba Foundation, and the Alibaba Dharma Institute. This year’s competition attracted more than 70 countries and regions at home and abroad Applicants.”The strongest 73 people” includes 4 gold medalists, 6 silver medalists, 12 bronze medalists and 51 excellent award players, they come from 8 countries, enrolled or graduated from 33 universities.

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MIT Wang Hao, Princeton Zheng Fan of the University, Yap Jit Wu of the National University of Singapore, and Zhang Yue of the University of California at Berkeley took away four gold medals.

Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the organizer planned a special online awards ceremony, dozens of players around the world interacted with the host Yang Lan; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing International Mathematics Research Center Director Tian Gang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Institute of Advanced Mathematics of Zhejiang University, Li Jianshu, Professor Frank Kelly of the Newton Institute of the Cambridge University Mathematics Center and other academics are in charge of online”cloud awards”. Tian Gang and”National Good Teacher” Li Yongle and”Mathematical Geek” Chen Zekun prepared three”Mathematics Classes” in advance and shared their understanding of mathematics.

This is an annual feast for mathematics lovers around the world. After the opening, Ma Yun took the lead in making his appearance.”I dare not imagine how we would survive without computers and the Internet in today’s epidemic.” This is Ma Yun’s talk about mathematics more than a year later. He emphasized that mathematics is the foundation of all sciences. It is the basis for promoting the progress of the whole society.”The use of mathematics is useless, the mathematics is different.”

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dharmas Dean hospital Zhang Jianfeng that Mathematics itself is very elegant. Pure mathematics is close to philosophy. Applied mathematics is the hero behind the development of science. The progress of mathematics has promoted the development of many disciplines such as relativity, electromagnetics, information theory, cybernetics, modern economics, and so on.”We will continue the contest as always, and hope that more people will pay attention to mathematics and love mathematics. The third contest will continue to be held online.”

In addition, the Bodhidharma sent a”scientist””Tiantuan” participated in the event, including Xie Yuan, the head of the Computing Technology Laboratory, Yin Wotao, the head of the Decision Intelligence Laboratory, Chen Jianxin, the scientist of the Quantum Laboratory, and Li Feifei, the head of the Database and Storage Laboratory. Scientists are dedicated to mathematics research, and some are engaged in cutting-edge technology, but they are all believers in mathematics without exception, looking forward to the younger generation to create breakthroughs in mathematical research, and then promote the development of science and technology,”Today, mathematics shines because of you” .

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