A 2 meter high scorpion, a scientist in Australia found a horrible monster with a”saw” on his leg to crush prey

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The”giant sea scorpions” roaming and hunting in Australia’s ancient oceans are much larger than humans. A new study discovered these creepy creatures.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=12ca1cee9a3ba3541f2fe73390f0827a - A 2 meter high scorpion, a scientist in Australia found a horrible monster with a"saw" on his leg to crush prey

There is currently only one complete fossil record, it is not the largest picture source.

About 541 million and 252 million years ago, before the dinosaurs occupied the earth, Arthropods (such as insects, crustaceans, and scorpions) were the largest creatures on earth at the time, and can be found in oceans around the world.

Scientists believe that these creatures mainly eat fish. Among them are sea scorpions. They look very much like today’s scorpions. They are the”grandfather” of modern scorpions.

They are one of the largest marine predators observed in the fossil record, up to 8 feet long.

Experts compare them with today’s Great White Shark. Studies have shown that they use huge claws to grab their prey, and then use the”sawtooth” on their legs to crush the prey. They swim fast.

Scientists believe that they eat fish and smaller arthropods, and if someone is nearby, they may become their food. Australia’s ancient marine scorpions were first recorded in 1899, but we don’t know much about them.

Future research hopes to find more complete specimens and better document ancient species.

Earth life schedule

4.6 billion years ago–the origin of the earth

3.8 billion years ago–the first life appeared on the earth

2.1 billion years ago—life forms composed of multiple cells are constantly evolving

1.5 billion years ago—eukaryotes emerged, which are cells containing nuclei in their membranes

550 million years ago–the first arthropod evolution

530 million years ago–the first fish appeared

470 million years ago–the earliest land plant appeared


380 million years ago – forests appeared on earth

370 million years ago – the first amphibians poured into the land from the water

320 million years ago – the earliest Reptile Evolution

230 million years ago-dinosaurs are evolving

200 million years ago – mammals appeared

150 million years ago – the earliest bird evolution

130 million years ago–the first flowering plant

100 million years ago–the earliest bees

55 million years ago–the emergence of hares and rabbits

30 million years ago–the earliest cats began to evolve

20 million years ago–the great ape evolved

7 million years ago–the ancestors of humans appeared

2 million years ago–Homo erectus appeared

300,000 years ago—Homo sapiens evolved

50,000 years ago–Eurasia and Oceania colonization

40,000 years ago–genocide