A bloody storm is coming! What happens if the Trump election fails? Hillary Clinton said

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​The 2020 US election has entered the sprint stage. After the thrilling first half of the year, Trump suddenly realized that he seemed to have fallen behind.

Before the outbreak, Trump’s approval rating was average, but the re-election of the president was not a problem. In the past four years as president, despite the bad reputation, the basic market has not changed, so I dare to be so arrogant all the time.

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When the epidemic just broke out, although Trump did something stupid In the end, there was no blockade and no isolation measures to allow the states to kill themselves. Until the wealthy regions on the east and west coasts began to fall, Trump’s approval rating did not decline but rose, even reaching the peak of his presidential career. At that time, Trump had successfully tied the people with himself by relying on the sympathy of the dumping pot and greatly subsidizing the people.

But as the epidemic worsens, Trump’s three axes are useless. Plus he is anxious to start school and resume work, anxious to reopen the election rally. At this time, the public finally understood that the President was trying to vote in disregard of human life. As a result, disheartened voters voted their opponents for Biden, and even many Republicans began to mutiny and fell back to Biden without hesitation.

In the limelight, Biden has won the support of the former president Obama two months ago The strength has soared, and he has dared to publicly defeat the president. A number of polls show that in the past month, whether in the country or in the swing state, Trump has fallen behind Biden, and his fundraising is no match for the former vice president. The latest data shows that Trump’s approval rate is 38%, while Biden is as high as 57%.

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On July 13, Hillary also joined the battle to express Concerns about the failure of the president’s re-election.

According to the”Daily Mail” news on July 14. On Monday evening on the 13th, Hillary visited Cui Wa’s”Daily Show” program, and presented a soul torture in front of a national audience:What if Trump failed in the election and refused to leave the White House?

Democrats headed by Hillary Clinton, Trump has definitely lost. She worried that the president might manipulate the votes by various means. Cui Wa asked, if Trump loses, will he refuse to acknowledge the account and throw the pot to the mail to vote? In this regard, Hillary expressed deeper concerns. She said:”If he loses, will he leave the White House obediently? We must be prepared to prevent the president from playing badly.”

Hillary seems to have watched By November the bloody storm. Although there has never been a precedent in the history of American reelection and the President refused to leave, Trump is Trump, and you cannot understand it with ordinary people’s thinking. Although ordinary politicians are hypocritical and deceitful, they are still decent. Since Trump took office, he has been spitting and rolling all day long, and he has no secrets. Even if he regrets that he does not want to leave, there is no fuss.

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Hillary believes that Trump sent mail ballots before , For the sake of their own failures. Because of the severe epidemic in the United States, plus experts believe that there will likely be a second wave of the epidemic during the November election. Many Democrats demand that mail ballots be used instead of traditional polling station stamps to reduce crowding. This is a very reasonable suggestion. I didn’t expect to annoy Trump. Trump said that mailing ballots would lead to election fraud, and even lead to the destruction of the Republican Party and the fall of the United States.

In fact, many experts have analyzed it, and Trump is completely confusing. Not long ago, even Obama stood up and accused Trump of making big fuss. But Trump must save himself in the face of such a bad election. In the event of a re-election failure, you can throw the pot to falsify the votes, and even take advantage of the epidemic and the riots to conduct another wave of harassment.

At that time, Trump will find ways to stop those who will not vote for himself, such as young voters, such as blacks and ethnic minorities.

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The current epidemic and protests are unprecedented, maybe Trump formally glanced at this opportunity, first layout, ready to carry the rogue to the end. People like Trump are moody and totally a time bomb and a test for the American people. For the American people and Democrats, this is another test. It is really difficult for Americans to take three big exams in a year.