A global virus infection source was discovered? Brazil announces research results, the US must apologize to China

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Leader:Trump’s dedication to economic development and politicization of the epidemic have made the United States the hardest hit by the global epidemic. Under the leadership of Bossonaro, which has the same style of action as Trump, Brazil has become the second most severe country in the world. In order to disguise the fact that he was not able to fight the epidemic, Trump”threw the pan” several times in China, but some experts recently detected viruses in Brazil’s wastewater in November. Should Trump apologize to China?

The epidemic in the United States continues to spread Trump”swing pot” China, Mexico

Because the number of diagnoses continues to rise, there are at least 19 in the United States The state began to force people to wear masks in public. As President of the United States, Trump has never worn a mask in public, let alone urged the public to wear a mask correctly. Before this, Trump had always blamed the virus on China, and now Trump has dumped the pan on Mexico.

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How many people are diagnosed in Mexico Less than one tenth of the United States. On June 23, Trump attended the 200-mile completion ceremony of the US-Mexico border wall, saying that Mexico is the birthplace of the global virus, and he did not forget to praise the border wall he built to block the virus. What he said has no basis in fact. After all, he used the word”feel” to label China.

Viruses already exist in Brazil’s wastewater in November

As the anti-epidemic work continues to advance, the truth seems to gradually surface, recently Brazilian experts released another shocking news. According to reports, a panel of experts from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, stated on July 2 that they are not aware of Brazil’s Santa Catarina StateDuring the inspection of sewer water samples in the capital city of Florianópolis, it was found that the new crown virus was present in the samples in November last year span>, which is more than a month earlier than the first confirmed case worldwide.

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Although the true source of the virus has not been determined And the time when the virus was first discovered, but the Brazilian expert’s news made the previously rumored”virus originated in China” rumored by the United States unbreakable, and the Trump administration should also give China an apology.

WHO:Northern Italy may have spread the virus in December

Coincidentally, the head of the WHO health emergency project Michael· Ryan stated that New Coronavirus RNA fragments were detected in the waste water samples of northern Italy in December last year. This is an important discovery that requires further research. It is possible that the new coronavirus has spread in northern Italy in December last year. Realize. The question is how much the virus exists in the local environment before the imported cases, and what role it played in the spread of the outbreak to the community. (Original)

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Relevant experts according to 24 The test samples of the time period were tested, and the results showed that the genetic material ribonucleic acid of the new coronavirus was detected in the wastewater samples of Milan and Turin on December 18, 2019, and the wastewater samples of Bologna on January 29, 2020; 2020 In the samples from these three cities from January to February 2020, the new coronavirus still exists; while in the samples in October and November 2019, no new coronavirus was detected.

Research work on viruses is still proceeding in an orderly manner, no matter in which country the source of the virus is finally found, humans should work together to overcome the difficulties. The spread of the virus to human society is a complex organism In the process, no one can stay out of the way, let alone label a country on his own conjecture.

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