A Jiang:There is no fear in the face of the double foreign aid of Beijing Enterprises, Tang Caiyu should harvest

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Thu Pu July 15 hearing CBA rematch, Xinjiang men’s basketball team defeated Beikong 104-86. After the match, Xinjiang coach A Dejiang said:”Today, we played a very team-based and bloody game offensively and defensively on both ends. Both the confidence in the young players and the morale of the entire team in this game are very helpful.”

A Jiang summed up:”This game is very bloody Stubborn and very good team player, Zeng Lingxu played with injuries, insisted from the beginning to the end, Zhou Qi, Xirelijiang, Kelan Baike these core players, with this group of young players, after the young players on the field, although the opponent has foreign aid, but there is no fear, and dare to play boldly Your own energy.

The use of foreign aid by the opponent in four quarters and seven visits is very difficult for us. The first three quarters are a great test for us, but everyone does their best to do according to the requirements of the team. , Withstood the first three quarters, the balance should fall to Xinjiang in the fourth quarter. So we also based on his lineup on the field, combined with our advantages, internal and external combination is mainly based, through the internal attraction to drive the outside attack, during that time It’s very reasonable to play inside and out.”

Tang Caiyu has made significant progress this season. A Jiang commented on his disciples:”Tang Caiyu should have this performance in the entire league. His training is very hard. Very hard. Especially after the semi-finals, after Abudu Saramu was injured, in this position, he carried the burden, he carried It’s up and has a very stable performance. I think it’s not easy for a young player to play steadily in multiple games. This is what we want young players to do from the heart to the ball handling ability through the game. Can be smooth, he did a great job.”

The victory of the Xinjiang men’s basketball team is a twist and turns. The team scored 37 points in the first quarter, 13 points ahead of the Beijing men’s basketball team, and the second quarter team Suddenly, the misfire only scored 9 points. Fortunately, the team adjusted in time. The teenagers Qi Lin, Refu Katijiang and Liu Lipeng all stood up and finally won the game.

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