A man in Rimini, Italy, continues to harass and intimidate a Chinese woman

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Italian”Chinese Street” Rimini July 2 news: A 50-year-old Italian Rimini people continue to harass and threaten to kill Chinese women, and they are still writing on the walls of the community.

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Early in the morning on the wall of a house in Via San Nicolò in Rimini, for example:”M… put…a di m…, cinese, carabinieri…” (should be shit, poor prostitute, Chinese, Gendarmerie… words like that). Then, smash the jar of residual paint against the wall and shout loudly at a balcony to threaten:“Ti do fuoco, ti taglio la gola, cinese di m.. ti faccio sanguinare il c…” (I’m going to burn you, cut it Your throat, poor Chinese, I will drain your XX blood…).

After the neighbors called the police, Rimini police came to the Borgo Marina area, and immediately saw the man, wearing a red hat on his head, all covered with paint stains, abusively swearing at something .

In addition, not only is this house written, but there are other houses in this street. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator knew everyone, and it was not the first time such an act was committed.

After the police kept the person in the police car, a woman walked in front of the police. She was a 54-year-old Chinese woman. She might have seen the courage of the police in uniform. So he told the police that the man threatened to kill her for a long time, and he held a knife a few times because he was afraid and never reported the case.

As soon as the man saw the victim, he made a throat cutting gesture and said,”Ti ammazzo p……a tanto quando esco, torno e ti taglio la testa, ti brucio viva e tu lo sai che ne sono capace” (I will kill you XX when I come out, I will cut off your head when I come back, burn you alive and you know I can do it).

The woman confirmed that her name and phone were written on the wall, and the threatening words were directed at her. It’s been a long time, and it happened many times, sometimes several times a day.

This person will come downstairs to her house, shouting intimidating words loudly, and making those actions that put her in a state of severe anxiety and fear that she once contacted her cousin to move to each other Go home.

After being taken back to the police station, the 50-year-old man showed uncooperative behavior to the police, first refused to get out of the police car, and then tried to kick the police away with kicks and shouts.

Arrested and went to court to accept summary judgment for persecution and resistance to public officials. The man was also charged with criminal destruction and illegal possession of offensive appliances.

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