A member of the Federal Council of Russia tested positive for the new crown virus

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On the 15th local time, the Chairman of the Agenda Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council (Upper House), Timchenko, told the outside world that a member of the Federal CouncilNew coronavirus test result is positive and is being treated at home for isolation.

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According to Timchenko, there are 3 members of the parliament who are living at home due to increased body temperature, but their new coronavirus test is negative. Since March of this year, many Russian officials, including Prime Minister Mishustin, have been infected with the new crown virus.

According to the information released by the official website of the Russian new crown virus epidemic prevention website, as of 10:45 on July 15, Moscow time, Russia has added 6422 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in the past 24 hours, with a total of 746369 confirmed cases. (Reporter Wang Bin Gu Xin)