A number of patients in the American Veterans Hospital died unexpectedly, and medical staff admitted to killing 8 people with insulin

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According to ABC News’ report on July 15, a nursing assistant at a veteran’s hospital pleaded guilty in federal court on the 14th. She injected eight hospital patients with excessive insulin and killed them.

In the United StatesWest Virginia After a two-year investigation into the suspicious death of 7 elderly patients in a veteran hospital, 46-year-old U.S. Army veteran Rita Mays pleaded guilty to eight second-degree murders and one intentional assault murder on the 14th. Every second-degree murder charge will expose him to life imprisonment.

Metz worked at the Louis A. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Clarksburg. Metz was accused of killing veterans Robert Edge, Robert Kozul, Archie Edge Seoul, George Shaw, Felix McDermott, Raymond Golden and two other non-diabetics. The victims are all men, aged between 82 and 96. These patients died of severe hypoglycemia between July 2017 and June 2018 due to excessive insulin injections.

victim Robert Edge

Metz was employed by the West Virginia Regional Prison and Correctional Facilities Administration before entering the nursing home. According to local media reports, she was hired in 2005 and assigned to the North Central Regional Jail, where she served as an instructor until her fall in 2012. It was not until July 14 this year that the authorities disclosed Metz’s identity. Earlier, the police said the person was a former nursing assistant and could enter the room of the dead veteran at night.

Rita Metz

The U.S. prosecutor who prosecuted the case described her behavior as”evil”, and an FBI agent involved in the case said,”These eight veterans deserve respect and honor. They serve the country , We should all thank them. They should not die in the hands of a caregiver who intentionally harmed them.”

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Officials said that Metz’s motive was not clear, but she may reveal more details in the final judgment.