A reporter in the US who dared not return to Wuhan:I chose”American Freedom”, but I paid a price for it

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[Text/Observer Wang Kaiwen] Xinyan Yu, a reporter from Washington, is from Wuhan. In January this year, he avoided the New Crown Virus, The flight ticket to her hometown was cancelled; six months later, when the US epidemic was out of control, she contracted the new coronavirus.”I gave myself a dose of American freedom, but I paid a price for it,” she sighed, having recovered.

On July 16, the Washington Post published a commentary article by Xinyan Yu,”I am from Wuhan and was infected with the new crown virus after a trip to Florida.”

At the beginning of the article, the author wrote that in January of this year, when she watched her hometown of Wuhan fight against the new crown virus, she thought that she was more prepared than most Americans to deal with the epidemic, but she did not expect In the future, the United States will be so struggling against the epidemic, not even thinking that he will be infected with the virus.

After the news about the new crown epidemic appeared, the author has lived in”extreme vigilance”, wearing masks everywhere. During the period, he encountered teasing people around and even shouted”Thank China,” God bless the United States.” But none of this has shaken her, because she”has seen how 11 million Wuhan people control the new crown virus.”

The strict protection measures have prevented the author from being infected by the virus until June this year, she and her husband went to Florida< /span>The Marco Island vacation was once worried about flying, but the news of the “slowing down” of the US epidemic curve and the restart of multiple states still made them relax their vigilance.

On Marco Island, the author’s family was stunned by the scene of a well-known local ice cream shop-neither the customers waiting in line nor the staff wore masks. Shortly after flying back to Washington, the author and husband were both infected with the new coronavirus. When she told this to her family in Wuhan, the latter did not believe it.

“In the past six months, people feel that China and the United States have switched positions.” From the end of May, in addition to asymptomatic infections, newly diagnosed cases in Wuhan have dropped to zero. In sharp contrast, some states in the United States have thousands of new cases every day. On the past Sunday (July 12), Florida has added more than 15,000 confirmed cases, setting a record of increasing cases in a single state in the United States.

Johns Hopkins University New Crown Epidemic Curve Data

When talking about the US response to the epidemic, the author’s mother is confused because she is “accustomed to the Chinese government Actively curb every outbreak of the virus.” In mid-May, in response to a small number of new cases, Wuhan launched a”ten-day battle” to conduct nucleic acid testing on more than 9 million citizens. On July 2, a woman in Beijing collapsed and cried in the mall after being diagnosed. In just 6 days, the veterans tracked down 292 close contacts and isolated them.

The author writes that, like the lady in Beijing, her first reaction after being informed that her new crown test is positive is irritability and restlessness. In China, if the test is positive, there will be multiple rounds of tests. And was strictly isolated for several weeks under medical monitoring. But in the United States, she soon realized that”don’t worry about these”, because no one imposed any isolation measures on her.

“Washing contacts in Washington check how I feel every week, but I don’t investigate where I went and who I met… My doctor assured me that eight days after the first symptoms It’s not contagious anymore, and no additional testing is necessary.”

At the end of the article, the author circumvented “collectivism” and “individualism”. In her view, China is all An epidemic is fighting, and in the United States, every state, community, and individual is fighting for their own epidemic.

On July 4th (American Independence Day), 10 days after the author first developed symptoms, she decided to go out to watch fireworks,”I accepted the American way and clearly realized that with the With the increasing number of confirmed cases, my choice will not have any impact.

According to the Twitter account of Xinyan Yu, she is the BBC and Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post”Reporter and film producer. On July 16, she retweeted her article in the”Washington Post”, commenting:”I just recovered from the new crown virus. In January, I canceled my home ticket to avoid getting the virus in Wuhan. Six months later, I was infected in the United States. I gave myself a dose of American freedom, but I paid a price for it.”

According to the real-time data of the outbreak of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of At 5:34 p.m. EDT on July 15th, there have been 3,478,017 new coronavirus infections in the United States, including 137,106 deaths. Compared with the data of the system at 5:34 pm on July 14th, there were 70219 new cases of infection and 854 new deaths in the United States.

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