A training session fell off when I didn’t return to the team

By yqqlm yqqlm

After arriving in Shanghai on June 29, Austrian foreign aid Anautovic in the Shanghai-Hong Kong team began a 14-day quarantine observation period. Yesterday afternoon, he completed the quarantine and reappeared on the team’s training ground. Since 1 After winning the AFC Champions League with his teammates on 28th, Anau and the whole team took part in the subsequent”Second Winter Training” in Dubai. It didn’t appear in the public eye until yesterday.

If it’s not because of the epidemic, Anau should be following the Austrian national team for the European Cup at the beginning of the season. He also looked forward to this, of course, at the same time, he was also about the upcoming 2020 The season is very longing. After joining the Shanghai team in the middle of last season, Anau has been in a state of recovery while playing games. He himself admitted that it is not easy to recover from the physical condition of a vacation cycle. It can be seen that with the end of the league, Anau’s condition is getting better and better. The season ended against Shenzhen. Anau scored four goals alone with the help of his teammates:”I have been paying attention to the training details of the team at home. , The assistant coach will send me the team training video, as a professional player, after returning to the team, there is no problem in the rapid integration.”

During the winter training in Sydney in early January of this year, Anau was not like Hull Ke scored goals in the field, but from the perspective of physical fitness and devotion to the game, they were very positive. In the game with Chiang Rai, Anau’s performance was also remarkable. After Anau officially returned to the team, the lineup of the Shanghai-Hong Kong team has also become more complete. Without surprise, the current configuration of Pereira will be the main framework for the various fronts of the 2020 season. For Anau, he needs to work with everyone as soon as possible in the two weeks before the first battle on the 27th. Although he has actual combat experience in the past six months, with the formation of new aid and new tactical ideas, the whole team still needs a system Integration with each other.

It’s worth mentioning that Anau is physically and mentally prepared for the upcoming two-month tournament schedule, “I think I look good now, at home I’ve been training all the time, so I’m in good shape. For me, there is no problem going to Suzhou. You can see that the Bundesliga, the Premier League and the La Liga have already started, and in the absence of spectators, everyone follows the rules. Play well. All our Super League teams play in two divisions, (investing in this special period and conditions) is a necessary professional spirit for us, we will complete the game according to the rules established by the Football Association.”< /p>