A White House official mocks Fuchs with a cartoon, and Trump smiles with a knife:I like him very much

By yqqlm yqqlm

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, known as the Captain of the US Anti-epidemic Medicine, Anthony Fudge has provided six presidents with various suggestions on infectious diseases, and has been widely received by the public. Recognition. But I have to admit that Trump is indeed the most difficult”waiting” president. The US epidemic is gradually out of control. Even if the Trump administration is stubborn, it needs a scapegoat. Foch has become the best”backman” in the eyes of politicians.

So, many White House officials started firing at Fuchs. Trump’s senior aide and current White House social media director Dan Scavino also released a highly ridiculous cartoon on the social platform. Come attack Foch.

In this comic, Fauci is called Faucet as a faucet, to imply that Fudge’s words in public are completely opposite to the White House. From the faucet, there were also written”Schools should continue to be closed in autumn”,”Continued blockade”,”There should be no National Football LeagueThe competition (NFL)” and”Shut up and listen to my suggestions” and other words. At the center of the water vortex is the representative of the United States,”Uncle Sam.”

Below the faucet, the words of the Gates Foundation are also written, as if to imply that Foch’s words are all obtained Bill Gates Foundation instructions. In the West, it has always been believed that Bill Gates uses vaccines to make huge profits, trying to use vaccines to control conspiracy theories like humans.

And behind this faucet this man named Rand shouted”Turn him off”. This RAND is US Senator Rand Paul, who once publicly accused Fodge of shutting up.

It can be seen from such a cartoon that American politicians are completely ready to throw the problem to Fodge, and Scavino also wrote an article under the cartoon:Dr. Faucet ,sorry. But you should also know that if I disagree with a colleague’s point of view (such as you), I will say it in public instead of leaking it to reporters.

After Scavino published all this, many netizens Replying to comments below, many people even support Scarvino’s idea. They claimed that they did not believe in Fuchs from the beginning, and thanked Scarvino for telling the so-called”truth.”

Of course, there are still people who say they are sad about the current situation in the United States. When a serious situation occurs in the United States, authoritative experts and public health experts will disregard personal political opinions and only tell the truth in public. However, in addition to pushing their own problems to experts, the current US government is also advising the public to make correct decisions. The opposite is true. This is a disaster.

Although the White House has been suppressing Fuchs, there are still Many politicians came forward to support him.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, publicly accused the White House of defamation and exclusion of Fuchs. Catherine Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Obama administration, also said:The United States has been defaming Foch and other experts during the fight against the epidemic, which may put the United States in a more dangerous situation.

In an interview, Trump was also asked questions about Dr. Foch. Trump said that although he and his views were inconsistent, it did not affect the relationship between the two. Trump thinks he has a good relationship with Fuchs, and Trump also said:”I personally like him very much.”

However, from all of his practices, he can’t see Trump’s liking for Fudge, but instead gives people a feeling of hiding a knife in a smile. If Trump’s hatred of Fuchs might be more appropriate.

After all, Foch has refuted Trump’s views more than once in public, which has left Trump with a dull face. If it is necessary to launch a person responsible for all the inaction during the US epidemic, That Fuchs is bound to be Trump’s first choice.

The relationship between Trump and Fuchs is directly related to the life and death of the American people. After all, the current epidemic in the United States is still not optimistic.