“Abolishing” a person’s growth factor is never ability

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A friend saw me resign and asked me a question:Do I do something I don’t like, should I go out and see? After all, the world is so big.

I smiled and didn’t give the answer directly, I just said:There are always people who are trying to change their lives and struggling with constant struggle, but not everyone can do it.

What really abolishes oneself is not the ability, but the fixed thinking and the status quo. This reminds me of the growth thinking and fixed thinking in”Lifelong Growth”. Let’s talk about whether we should live according to our own wishes.

Should we go out and see the world?

In the traditional concept, stability is the standard for measuring the quality of our lives. Both parents and people around us think that the life of drought and flood protection is the happiest and worth practicing.

Affected by cultural consciousness and ways of thinking, more and more young people are pursuing individual independence, poetry and distant life. Because the so-called stability has become a”chicken rib” in the eyes of young people, and the reason is nothing more than two reasons: On the one hand, stability means that the income will not be very good, just”can not stand dead, not hungry”; on the other hand, stability It also means seeing the end at a glance. This kind of life means numbness and boredom.

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But do you really want to give up everything in the present moment to”go to see the bigger world”? In fact, it really doesn’t need to be. We can do what we are doing and work hard for our dreams.

It is only after the stable income and capacity allocation of the sideline business have surpassed that of the main business by more than two times for half a year that we have the strength to say that we have”the ability and courage to see the world.”

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So the numbness and reality in front of us are not obstacles to our realization The reason for the dream is not that our ability is not enough to let us gradually abolish. Then we should have a look at the world and we have the answer, which can be divided into two types:one is to have enough control ability, then look at the world with confidence; the other is to work hard while making a living Struggling for a dream, and which one you choose depends on which way you are suitable for.

Why fixed thinking”wasted” ourselves

Really hinders one’s growth and progress It must not be personal ability or opportunity, but fixed thinking and low-level cognitive level.

We can understand this sentence in this way, If a person does not want to be aggressive and settles in the status quo, how many scenes and environments will change will not change much strong>.

On the contrary, if you have an aggressive heart, a desire to grow, and a super self-disciplined action, no one can abolish us.

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So the environment is good, so is the ability, these are not The factors that determine our growth and future, and only fixed thinking is the root of our progress and development.

For example, refuse to learn and change. People with fixed thinking think that all errors and mistakes are either fate or bad luck, but they never consider their own factors.

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When you refuse to change and refuse to learn, It also rejected the opportunity for growth, which is why we feel more and more”waste wood”. At the same time, the lack of sense of worry also makes us gradually lose ourselves in”boiled frogs in warm water”, without learning and making progress, being at ease with the status quo, and gradually letting us lose the motivation to struggle.

The importance of growth thinking for personal development

I have encountered many middle-aged people who are anxious about their embarrassing situation Talking about physical strength can’t do young people, and energy can’t survive young people. The same thing, young people are doing fast and good, so they are very afraid that one day they will be”dead to death on the beach”.

And these worries are not”out of nothing”, but a very real existence. As an optional middle-aged person, if there is no core competitiveness, if there is no diversified compound ability, it is easy to be eliminated.

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These are derived from growth thinking Lack of it, let’s take a step back, if these anxious middle-aged people can have growth thinking earlier, let them have the ability to diversify and monetize, and let their personal strength and ability continue to advance in diversity.

Even if the status quo and income are not changed temporarily, these efforts and capabilities will be transformed into opportunities and opportunities at a certain stage. As the sentence said:There is no way in life, every step counts.

So it’s never the ability to abolish a person, it’s just choice. Don’t let fixed thinking become a stumbling block in the future.

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