After 16 hours of hard work, the two feet swipe the screen, these pictures are distressing

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Recently, heavy rains continued in many places

On the front line of flood control and flood control

A group of”retrograde” figures

They rescued and rescued and fought all night long


These pictures are tearful

The feet after 16 hours of fighting

< p>July 11

A large embankment in Anhui emerged from a pipeline

Endangered the drinking water safety of 100,000 local residents

The rescue militias fought continuously for nearly 16 hours< /p>

Foot bubble to wrinkle and whitish

The rescue work continued until more than five o’clock in the morning of the next day

Local armed police detachment and local militia

Over 560 loess sandstones were moved

Establish a cofferdam of 3 meters high and 70 meters long

The danger of piping in this Yangtze River embankment has been eliminated

After the rescue, the soldiers were full Muddy feet

Scarred hands

Company with steel and company with rivers

Northern Army Warriors of a pontoon bridge

A scar on the hand

is both a witness and a”medal”


The shoulder that acts as a ladder< /p>


Guangxi Liuzhou Rongshui Miao Autonomous County

Continuous rainstorm attacks

Local< span class="entity-word" data-gid="14109605">Militia Emergency Unit30 people dispatched urgently

Driving the trapped people in a charge boat

The water is deep to the neck

They use their arms as paddles

Tugging the boat forward

Rescue the trapped people

Without a ladder

They bent down and used their shoulders as a ladder

Relieve the people trapped on the second floor

Don’t know it Sleeping posture

Noon on July 13

On the Mindi embankment of Jinniu Lake in Wuxue City, Hubei Province

Gang After dealing with the dangerous situation

The officers and soldiers of a pontoon bridge brigade of the Army in the Central Theater were covered with muddy water

Short rest on the embankment

Behind them is the Yangtze River, and responsibility is in front of them.

If there is any situation

They will definitely follow the order

Disposal as soon as possible


A military uniform soaked in mud

A bag of heavy sandbags

Fearless charges

all It is a testimony of the heroic advance of the young soldiers

Guard us

They do their best

May the peace return as soon as possible


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