After countering U.S. media and sanctioning U.S. legislators, my country took another shot:sanctioning U.S. military leaders

By yqqlm yqqlm

After taking countermeasures against 5 US media and imposing corresponding sanctions on 1 US official and 3 MPs, the Chinese government once again took action against the US arms dealer Loma, which has long colluded with the US government and is selling weapons and equipment worldwide. Sanctions,

According to the”Global Times” report on July 14, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a news conference that China firmly opposes the US arms sales to Taiwan and decided to take necessary measures against the US Loma The company imposed sanctions. On July 9, the US State Department approved the sale of the Patriot-3 missile to Taiwan at a total price of about 620 million U.S. dollars. The main contractor for this arms deal was Loma.

​Perhaps, some people only listen to”Loma Corporation”The name may not be familiar yet, but you should know about its representative products, such as C-130 Hercules Transporter , C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft, U2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, F-16 fighter aircraft, F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, F-35 stealth Fighters, F-22 stealth fighters, trident submarine-launched ballistic missiles, Hercules intercontinental missiles, etc., are all made by Lockheed Martin, and all of them can be said to be world-famous.

Like F-117 is the world’s first stealth fighter to participate in actual combat. When NATO attacked Yugoslavia that year, it was the first strike. F-35, F-22 is not only the active US military, but also in the ranking of the top stealth fighters in the world. The F-22 is not sold outside, and the F-35 is queued for purchase by many US allies. The F-16 is the most imported fighter of the United States government’s weapons sold abroad, and its excellent combat power is recognized by the world. During the”Cold War” period, the name of U2 distressed many countries. After our country was reconnaissance, it was beaten.

In addition, Loma’s”Patriotic” sale to Taiwan this time”Zero-3″, the maximum interception distance can reach 70 kilometers, the interception height exceeds 24 kilometers, the radar search distance reaches 100 kilometers, and 100 targets can be tracked simultaneously.

At present, Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest arms dealer and the”leading leader” of the US military industry enterprise. It is also the largest weapon purchaser of the US military. The sale of weapons violates our country’s bottom line. The sanctions imposed on it this time are totally deserved.

In addition, Loma is also an Australian think tank-Australian strategy The main funder of the Policy Research Institute has been concocting Chinese-related lies and slander our country for many years. Some time ago, the Australian Prime Minister said that many government departments in Australia were attacked by hackers and stigmatized our country, but the final findings showed that everything was from the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy.

As for the specific sanctions, military commentator Song Zhongping said that he can follow the Ministry of Commerce’s”List of Unreliable Entities” The system puts foreign companies that damage our interests on the sanctions list. For example, this time the Loma company has adopted measures such as”not allowed to enter the Chinese market, not allowed to have business cooperation with Chinese enterprises through affiliated companies, and not allowed to import Chinese raw materials.” And form a system and form a normal state. Only in this way can it act as a deterrent to US arms dealers that harm our interests.

And looking at the world, it is these weapons manufacturers that have long been Selling wars abroad has made the world restless. Recently, my country has just joined the”Arms Trade Treaty”, and it just happened to take Loma’s”sacrificial flag” to kill the unhealthy trend of the US government undermining the arms trade principles.