After saying”wearing a mask is a courtesy”, the British cabinet minister went to the store without protection

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=241c2c14a7e0808b54adbf57272a1aed - After saying"wearing a mask is a courtesy", the British cabinet minister went to the store without protection

Screenshot of the”Independent News” report

Overseas.net, July 15th. The introduction of the mask policy in some parts of the United Kingdom is imminent, but British government officials have failed to reach a consensus on the problem of wearing masks. Among them, the Minister of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom, Michael Gove, has always been opposed to the introduction of relevant policies, saying that wearing masks in a critical period is only a courtesy, and the”common sense” of the British people should be believed. However, just two days after the remarks, Gove was photographed without wearing a mask and strolled around the store at will.

According to the British”Independent News” report, on the 14th local time, some people met Gove in a fast food restaurant in London. Gove, who was standing in front of the shelf, did not wear any facial protection, while his cabinet colleague Liz Truss was wearing a mask.

At present, the UK is still facing the double pressure of epidemic prevention and economic restart, and at the time when the mask policy is about to be implemented in England, Gove’s behavior has been criticized by many people. British public health professor Gabriel Scalley said that the current attitude of the British government on personal protection has been quite confusing, and Gove’s behavior will only further aggravate the problem:“People are already confused, plus seeing Officials do the same (without masks), they will feel,’What are you still worrying about?’

“Officials should set an example in terms of words and deeds as a role model for the people. The United Kingdom also needs to be as soon as possible Keep the epidemic under control and propagate it as soon as possible,” Scali said.

British Liberal Democratic Party health work spokesman Munila Wilson also criticized:”Gove’s refusal to wear a mask will only bring more criticism, thinking that the government is engaged in double standards.”

The report pointed out that because the implementation of the mask policy has been repeatedly delayed, senior British government officials have faced a lot of criticism. The British Prime Minister Johnson also announced the relevant regulations regardless of Gove’s opposition, which made the latter very embarrassing and made the government communicate The information is more confusing.

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