After the diagnosis of the new crown, the men’s 2.7 million charter flights returned to China for treatment in 35 hours

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Two days

The report of”Zhejiang merchants chartered to return home after diagnosis abroad”

Aroused everyone’s attention

On July 12, new case of imported overseas confirmed cases in Zhejiang (Enter in Ghana)

Zheng Moumou, male, 45 years old, from Wenling, Taizhou, doing business in Ghana

On June 17, he developed symptoms of fever, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

On July 10, he chartered a plane back to China alone, and the relevant staff members on the way had taken good protection. There were no close contacts in China.

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Taizhou businessman diagnosed in Ghana

appears Symptoms such as fever, cough, chest tightness

During New Crown Virus nucleic acid test Positive

“Zheng Moumou” is the president of the China-Canada Trade Association.

In the afternoon of July 14, the reporter contacted his partner Mr. Jiang.

Mr. Zheng’s plane returned to China, he helped him to contact.

Mr. Jiang introduced that they came to Africa in 2004 to develop markets, and established trading companies in many countries in West Africa.

He is responsible for domestic procurement, basically in China, generally in Wenling.

Mr. Zheng is responsible for sales and lives in Accra, Ghana.

Ghana, located on the west coast of Africa, is a small country with a population of less than 30 million.

This country is relatively poor, with a per capita GDP of only more than 1,000 US dollars.

More than 60 years ago, Ghana was called the”Gold Coast” because of the this place is rich in gold.

In the morning of June 17, Mr. Zheng participated in a donation event in the local area. The event was not large in scale, only dozens of people participated, but the specifications were quite good Gao, a deputy minister of the Ministry of Health of Ghana, also participated.

In the afternoon of the 17th, Mr. Zheng developed symptoms of fever, cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

He felt something was wrong and went to the hospital immediately for a new coronavirus nucleic acid test, which was positive.

The reporter learned that doing a new coronavirus nucleic acid test in Ghana can be detected without trying to detect it, you need to make an appointment to queue, Because it is an international friendly person, He was given preferential treatment, followed by testing.

The testing fee is more than 200 yuan at a time, and the average monthly salary of local people is only about 700 yuan.


5 Tin Hau’s condition worsens

High fever, cough, difficulty speaking

The local hospital can’t handle it

Although the diagnosis was confirmed, Mr. Zheng did not take it seriously.

Because the child is going to college in the country and his wife is with him, Mr. Zheng is alone in Ghana.

He and 10 employees in a local company live in a villa together.

A young man who lived with Mr. Zheng was diagnosed after going to the test, but there was no condition. It is a typical asymptomatic infected person. .

The other party is fine, giving Mr. Zheng a strong psychological hint:This disease is no big deal, I think too much.

In the next 5 days, Mr. Zheng did not take the medicine. Go to a small hospital opened by the local Chinese every day to hang a saline.

In the second 5 days, Mr. Zheng’s condition is getting more and more serious, psychological hints are no longer useful, people are getting more and more Uncomfortable, breathing is difficult, blood oxygen saturation is only 87%.

Blood oxygen saturation refers to the percentage of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in the blood to the total oxygen in the blood, the normal range is 95%-98%.

Oxygen saturation is less than 90%, there will be obvious symptoms of hypoxia, the patient will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, even if given oxygen, the symptoms will be relieved not so obvious.

In other words, if the blood oxygen saturation is less than 90%, it needs to be treated in time. The problem is that the local hospital cannot handle it.

Mr. Jiang said that at this time, Mr. Zheng had some difficulties with high fever, cough, and speech, and his psychological defense almost collapsed,”He gave me Call, sigh, and say you may not come back!”


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Mr. Zheng’s condition is getting worse

Everyone reaches a consensus

2.7 million Yuan charter flight home treatment

“We cannot pick you up, the country will not care about you!” Mr. Jiang said, Mr. Zheng was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia After that, he immediately reported to the Chinese embassy in Ghana. He was also the first Chinese to report a confirmed diagnosis to the embassy. “The embassy is very concerned and specially sent people to visit.”

Seeing that Mr. Zheng’s condition is getting worse, everyone has reached a consensus:go back to China, go back to China for treatment.

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Before the outbreak, Zhejiang people returned from Ghana and needed to transfer from Dubai or Ethiopia.

After the outbreak, all flights were suspended.

How to return to China? Through the coordination of relevant domestic departments, finally agreed to return to China by charter flight alone.

Mr. Jiang contacted the SOS International Assistance Center online, and there are certain charter services available, the cost is calculated, it needs 270 Ten thousand yuan.

This charter is not fly-by-fly. After the decision to return to China on June 26, the Chinese Embassy, ​​the State Administration of Civil Aviation, Zhejiang Provincial Government Joint Defense Joint Control Office, Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial United Front Office, Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Provincial Health and Health Commission, Provincial Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection General Station, Hangzhou Joint Defense Joint Control, Hangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission, Hangzhou Customs, Provincial Public Security Department Hangzhou Airport The Public Security Bureau and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport have all contacted each other.

“Everyone in the country still cares about him, and the procedures are going smoothly,” Mr. Jiang said. After paying the fee, the plane picked up Mr. Zheng and took off at Ghana time (8 hours later than Beijing time) at 3 pm on July 9.

Mr. Zheng is the first local person to charter a plane to return to China alone.

This is a small aircraft, which was transformed from a German military aircraft.

After connecting with Mr. Zheng, the plane flew to Nuremberg, Germany to refuel, then stopped and refueled in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and then flew to Hangzhou At 18:30 on the 10th, the plane arrived at Xiaoshan Airport.

The entire flight time reached 35 hours.

This plane does not simply send people. In addition to the three crew members on the plane, there are three medical personnel to provide services to Mr. Zheng.

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After taking the order, the International Aid Center asked Mr. Zheng to do a full physical examination at the best local hospital, and provide a test report, and prepare the corresponding equipment and treatment drugs based on the test report.

Before the flight, talk to Mr. Zheng’s attending doctor to understand his physical condition.

Mr. Jiang said that this charter flight service was quite responsible.

The 2.7 million yuan cost of charter flights, of which 1 million yuan is borne by insurance companies.

Introduced by Mr. Jiang, in May, Chinese people abroad, many people bought an”epidemic risk insurance” , 2580 yuan a copy, confirmed that the insurance company paid 1 million yuan, Mr. Zheng also bought a copy for himself.


Back to China

Transfer to Hangzhou Xixi Hospital via 120 p>

Currently from severe to mild

In China, Mr. Zheng’s body temperature is 37.6℃ and he has a coughing cough Sputum symptom, transported directly to Xixi Hospital of Hangzhou for isolation treatment.

On July 11, the pharyngeal swab test was positive for New Coronavirus nucleic acid.

Mr. Jiang said that the hospital was very concerned about Mr. Zheng.

After treatment in the hospital, it has now changed from severe to mild.