After the slave traders”fall down”, black protesters become the main characters of the statue

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to the British”Daily Telegraph” reported on the 15th, a black woman statue appeared in the streets of Bristol in the United Kingdom to participate in the anti-racism protest. The new statue is located in the position of the slaver Edward Coles The place where the statue was before being pushed down.

A group of anti-racial discrimination protesters in Bristol in June Pushed down the statue of Colston and threw it into the river. Afterwards, the mayor of Bristol said that it would be necessary to solicit public comments on what new statue to replace. British artist Quinn created new statues based on photos of black female protester Reid. His team stood the original statue of Coleston without government permission in the early morning of the 15th. The black female protester showed herself as a standing arm. After the new statue was erected, Reed came to take a picture in front of his statue (pictured). British people disagree on the appearance of this new statue. Some people think that this is a manifestation of social change and progress, and some people think that this statue should not be erected without extensive discussion and official permission.

(Global Times)