After the stylist was vomited, the costumer was also vomited:Yang Zi in a black dress was old and fat

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently, a group of Reuters photos of Yang Zi became hot. For a long time, Yang Zi has always existed like a”little fairy”. Several TV series she starred in have become popular, and Yang Zi has also become a hot female star, but from childhood to big,”fat” has been accompanied by Yang Zi. Although she has been losing weight, she has never reduced her satisfaction.

In everyone’s mind, Yang Zi looks like a little grown up Children, every time they see Yang Zi, everyone will think of”The Family Has Children” starring Yang Zi. In the play, Xiao Xue played by Yang Zi is like us when he was young. He is rebellious and sensible, so everyone is”Xiao Xue” The character is very impressed.

Although Yang Zi is not a natural beauty type, but the day after tomorrow Yang Zi opened up, and her round face became an oval face, she is now more and more beautiful.

However, recently Yang Zi’s makeup and clothing Overturned.

Yang Zi’s physique is not of the “dry to eat but not fat” type, so Yang Zi must experience “hard weight loss” before entering the group. For female celebrities, if they have a moderate figure, they can cover up their deficiencies through clothing or makeup, just like Fan Bingbing, Fan Bingbing has always had The title of”Fan Xiaofan”, but Fan Bingbing’s clothing and makeup never overturned, and because of the choice of clothing, it covered up the shortcomings of her body.

Most female stars are”less than one hundred weights”, If Yang Zi’s weight is normal among ordinary people, but because of the photogenic weight, Yang Zi’s body will change slightly and become fat, especially Yang Zi’s arm. If the clothing is not selected properly, the arm will appear thick and thick short.

Yang Zi wore a black suit in recent activities Although the fair-skinned Yang Zi can control black, the suit is too old, and because of the off-shoulder outfit, Yang Zi’s arm looks very strong.

Some time ago, fans of Yang Zi’s hairstyle because of Yang Zi’s hairstyle Not novel and careful enough to call the stylist. As can be seen from Yang Zi’s previous styling, no matter what kind of clothing Yang Zi wears, the styling is almost unchanged. The uniform bangs ponytail seems to be Yang Zi’s exclusive, so everyone is still very much about the fans’ shouts. understanding.

Although Yang Zi’s fame is related to”Xiao Xue”, but Yang Zi’s play path has become wider and wider. If it is only confined to the ranks of”pretending to be tender”, passers-by will be tired for a long time.

This time, Yang Zi participated in the event. In addition to her clothes being spitted, her recent photos also seemed exhausted. As you can see from the enlarged photo, Yang Zi’s makeup looks a bit older.

The state of Yang Zi with heavy makeup does not seem to be in good condition I don’t know if I was too busy recently and didn’t have a good rest. Yang Zi’s face lacked a pure beauty.

In the past, Yang Zishan’s selfies were beautiful and pure, but this time Yang Zi’s makeup not only showed old age, but her clothes were not suitable for her age.

Since Yang Zi starred in”Ode to Joy”, she ‘S drama road has been taking the”sweet pet” route, whether it is”Fragrant Honey” or”Dear, Love”, Yang Zi’s clothing and shape can set off her beauty, but with the drama Compared with the image, Yang Zi’s daily activities makeup and styling can’t keep up.

Yang Zi who can see that the stylist intends to participate in the event To create a noble style, but Yang Zi is not suitable for heavy makeup, especially because her body is not perfect, and many of her clothes must be carefully chosen.

In the past, we have seen the photos of Yang Zi are refined After the intensive treatment, the fatigue on Yang Zi’s face will be wiped out, but the photos that have not been repaired are the true state of Yang Zi.

A female star can’t live in “intensive training” all the time Fan Bingbing is the same, but if he puts more effort into clothing and styling, he won’t make so many “turnover scenes”.

Yang Zi has been working hard to be herself in her There is a strong explosive force on his body, but such a good condition requires a good team to build. I hope Yang Zi’s stylist and costumer can eat more chicken legs to avoid Yang Zi’s controversy due to appearance again.