After the US military has frequently provoked my country, will the British aircraft carrier also intervene? What kind of”abacus”?

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On July 4, the US”Nimitz” and”Reagan” aircraft carrier battle groups broke into the southern waters of China Military exercises; July 6-8, the US Air Force sent RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft and EP-3E electronic reconnaissance aircraft to approach China for reconnaissance; on July 10, the US Navy”Raphael Peralta” Destroyer No. was close to China’s surrounding waters; on July 13 and 15, the US military E-8C reconnaissance aircraft flew near the coast of Guangdong Province, China. In just half a month, the US military frequently dispatched a large number of warships and military aircraft to provoke our country, and recently, even the United Kingdom, which is thousands of miles away, has to stab in the cross.

The picture shows the Queen Elizabeth

According to the Times of Asia quoted by the Times on July 15, the British Navy announced that it would be dispatched in early 2021. The aircraft carrier”Queen Elizabeth” went to the southern waters of China to carry out joint exercises with the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Force to cooperate with the so-called”containment is more arbitrary” Radical China” plan. Britain is not like military bases all over the world like the United States. In this way, it is very difficult for the British to send aircraft carriers to intervene in my country’s peripheral affairs. What do the British think?

A military observer pointed out that as a European country very far away from the Asia-Pacific region, the United Kingdom actively wants to participate in the affairs of southern China, mainly to enhance the British global influence.

Since the rise of the United States, the sun never sets and the empire gradually fades into the west. The international voice of Britain is not as good as before. Especially after Brexit, its international influence has gradually declined, but after all, Britain also has How can it be possible to be reconciled to its current international status after its glorious history, so the United Kingdom intends to seize this opportunity to enhance its international influence by participating in Asian affairs.

The picture shows the British Navy

< p> In fact, the United Kingdom has long been interested in intervening in the affairs of the southern waters of our country. In the past three years, almost every year, the United Kingdom would have spoken to send an aircraft carrier to Asia Pacific to participate in Asian issues, but it did not come once, and the main reason for the failure was because of the opposition of the British Prime Minister’s Office, and because of the long road, back and forth Once the cost is huge, the British people do not approve of this plan.

However, according to the author’s estimation, the”Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier’s journey to the Asia-Pacific region may not achieve the desired effect of the United Kingdom. Although the main purpose of the British plan is to enhance its international influence, there is another purpose-to please the United States. In the past few years, the United States has been whispering that European allies have not shared the pressure of the”China threat” in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, the other purpose of the British plan is to submit a”voting” to the United States, hoping to intervene to contain our country. To strengthen the relationship between the United States and the United States, but due to the existence of this goal, the United Kingdom is destined to be only a follower of the United States. Since that is the case, how can we increase international influence? Don’t play for yourself in England!

The picture shows the UK epidemic situation

< p> In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic and”Brexit”, the current overall strength of the UK is seriously declining. When a country wants to increase its influence, in fact, all the bells and whistles are superfluous. The really effective way is to improve its own strength. But the United Kingdom does not have strong power support, just want to intervene in our country’s affairs to strengthen its national voice, I am afraid it is just a fool’s dream.