Afternoon comment:Shanghai and Shanghai fell with a decline of 1.41%and retreated to 3300 points

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Financial sector website July 16th Today, the three major stock indexes opened mixed, the market oscillated in the first half hour, and then there was a trend of shock and decline. The Shanghai index fell below the 3rd line and retreated 3300 points. It fell sharply by 2%.

As of midday close, the Shanghai index fell 1.41%to 3314.03 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.41%to 13540.95 points, and the GEM Index fell 1.73%to 2764.49 points. The turnover of the two cities exceeded 800 billion yuan; the northward capital outflow exceeded 1 billion yuan. Sectors such as insurance, craft commodities, environmental protection engineering, garden engineering, and shipbuilding rose, while winery, tourist hotels, diversified finance, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and beverage sectors saw declines.

The large financial sector is relatively strong, and the brokers sector led the daily limit in the Central Pacific, while the insurance sector Zhongxi Water shares hit the daily limit, and banks Shuijingfang led the rise in the sector;

The National Green Development Fund was established, the environmental protection sector was boosted, Huicheng Environmental protection, Tianjin Membrane Technology, Hekang New Energy daily limit, green power rose 8%;

New energy vehicle sector is active, Wenzhou Hongfeng, Jingda shares daily limit;

Blind box concept goes higher, Gaole shares and Bangbao puzzle daily limit;

Rare earth permanent magnet sector changes, Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry daily limit, Dehong shares, Yingluohua , Jinli permanent magnet rose by more than 5%;

The concept of digital currency is eye-catching, Julong shares limit up and down, Hengbao shares, Guangdian Express, Sifang Jingchuang, Hailian Jinhui, etc. rose to varying degrees;< /p>

The concept of longevity medicine plummeted, Yaben Chemical, Red Sun, Brother Technology fell;

Chip International concept weakened, China Microelectronics Corporation and Shanghai Silicon Industry fell by more than 10%, Datang Telecom, China Central and Juchen shares fell;

The downturn in the brewing industry, Shuijingfang approaching the drop limit, willing to wine, Kouzi cellar, More than 10 stocks, including Yingjia Gongjiu, fell more than 5%, and Guizhou Moutai fell more than 6%;

In terms of individual stocks, net profit in the first half of the year is expected to increase by 541.17%~686.39%, Nanjing Public Utilities’ daily limit for three consecutive days;

It is estimated that the net profit in the first half of the year will be 32 million yuan to 48 million yuan, ST modern limit;

Science and Technology Board new stocksSMIC InternationalListed, the stock price rose 220.4%, and the turnover rate reached 42%;

[Institutions on the market]

Shanxi Securities:the previous period rose faster There will be some adjustments to the theme recently. The adjustment target has a high probability of reaching the support of the moving average. In the medium term, the trend will continue to be judged upwards. In the future, you can pay attention to the configuration opportunities near the 10-day moving average. In the context of large market short-term volatility, investors should not change hands too frequently. It is recommended to configure the target with fundamental and capital support.

Northeast Securities:The market is turning into the first callback phase of this round of rising prices. Referring to the adjustment experience after the rapid rise in the past, the general market mostly uses time for space, and uses range oscillations to repeatedly move to achieve the first pullback of the bull market. If there is a sharp drop, it is the opportunity for re-arrangement.

Yuekai Securities:Currently, both the Shanghai and GEM are facing double support. The first support level is near the 10-day line, and the second support level is near the 20-day line and the previous gap. In comparison, the significance of the first support level is more important. If the support is effective, it reflects that the index still has the motivation to go up. The support level of the second support level is stronger and the probability of falling below is lower. At present, the first half-year report of Shanghai and Shenzhen has been released. In the mid-term report window, investors are advised to continue to pay attention to individual stocks with high performance certainty.

Tianfeng Securities:Recently, the A-share market has been rising too fast, and the indicators corresponding to risk appetite and sentiment have been at a high level. In addition, northward trading funds, due to short-term overseas fluctuations, exchange rate adjustments and index inclusion Expectations of large inflows and outflows have also increased market volatility; on a macro level, financial data in June continued to improve but slowed down, inflation rebounded year-on-year, and liquidity expectations need to return to moderate easing. In addition, the global economic recovery is expected to continue, and the overall liquidity has not yet seen obvious tightening. In the context of China’s economic transformation and upgrading and asset allocation trends, A shares have mid- to long-term investment value. In the short-term, they are optimistic about the mid-term report’s expected varieties. In the medium- and long-term, they are optimistic about high-boom industries:new energy vehicles, electronics, semiconductor equipment, Xinchuang, and large consumption.