Alibaba rushes to digital agriculture, 5 warehouses are sold to the country through cold chain logistics

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[Beijing] hunting ChinaNetCloud Reported on July 2 (text/Zhou Xiaoli)

The epidemic appears to be forcing everything to speed up digitization, as is agriculture. On June 30, Hou Yi, vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Digital Agriculture Division, accepted an interview with the media and stated that the entire system of Alibaba will bear the sales capacity, including RT-Mart, Hema, Taobao, Tmall, Koala, Alipay, hungry, all channels of Ali online. And said that in the future will also enter other fully market-oriented channels, including offline wholesale markets, and sales channels of friends.

Recently, the Digital Agricultural Consolidation Processing Centers (hereinafter referred to as the origin warehouse) in Guangxi and Yunnan have been fully operational. Within this year, Alibaba Digital Agriculture will build three warehouses in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Shandong to form the five largest hubs for agricultural products in the country, and build more than 20 warehouses in various capital cities. In the”originating warehouse + selling warehouse” mode, a digital agricultural product circulation network will be initially formed, and one year can support 1 million tons of fresh agricultural products to be delivered to the national table. 1000 digital agricultural bases, directly supplied from the origin, and hatched the Hema Village under the new format, so that the delicious life can be reached the next day.

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Alibaba’s agricultural product digital circulation network

Hou Yi said that Ali hopes that through a complete supply chain system and a complete commodity standardization system, China’s agriculture and agricultural products will be upgraded to one New heights, this is what is being done now.

The second is to realize agricultural financial services, including agricultural supply chain finance and agricultural insurance. Because most farmers lack liquidity, Ali reimburses their agricultural products on the one hand, and provides supply chain services, including insurance services for bad weather. The sales are guaranteed by Ali. This business is currently under active preparation.

The third is to actively prepare for the digitization of the agricultural planting process and the support of the entire commodity in the planting process. This involves the leasing of agricultural technology, seeds, fertilizers, agriculture, agricultural equipment, and a complete agricultural system for agricultural planting. Ali is also actively cooperating with strategic partners. Alibaba last year cooperated with Sinochem to grow strawberries. Sinochem, a nationwide leading agricultural technology company and China’s largest agricultural company Cooperation to help farmers increase the rate of commercial fruit, high-quality fruit rate, and reduce the overall planting cost.

Digital agriculture and Hema horses have achieved sales, and the entire Ali ecological sector is linked

During the epidemic, many domestic institutions or famous enterprises are in trouble and Hema It is still accelerating its layout. At present, Hema has more than 220 stores nationwide, forming a new retail grid covering over 40 million people in 23 provinces and cities. Judging from the big chess game of Ali Agriculture, Hema is the most important terminal for consumers.

Hema is the “vanguard” of Alibaba’s new retail deployment. In the current combination of smart agriculture and smart fresh food, Hema serves as an offline consumption scenario and is responsible for the most basic and high-frequency consumer products in fresh food. For Hema, positioning”delicious life” requires digital and technological drive to provide consumers with better community-based services, and product quality must be guaranteed and traceable.

Taking Gannan navel orange as an example, the best commodities will be selected to enter the entire Hema sales system, but for most relatively ordinary commodities, digital agriculture will undertake its sales tasks. Digital agriculture is a whole with Hema. Digital agriculture is responsible for the construction, planning and operation of Hema Village, and Hema itself is responsible for the sale of some core commodities in Hema Village of Digital Agriculture. In addition, Hema can endorse agricultural products. Even if some agricultural products are not well-sold or have a backlog due to seasonal changes, they will be quickly sold through self-operated channels such as Hema.

Hou Yi penetrated, Hema already has a strong sales scale advantage, Ali has reached 120 billion fruit sales this year, and it is still growing at a high speed, which can effectively support the entire national sales system of digital agriculture Building. Including the establishment of the Hema nationwide cold chain logistics network system and cold chain transportation system, it can also support the development of digital agriculture in the country.

Digital agriculture has truly achieved linkage with the entire business ecological sector of Ali. At the technical level, Ali’s technical advantages in cloud computing, AI, IoT, etc. can support the entire agricultural infrastructure; at the payment level, relying on the supply chain finance provided by Ant Financial and Alipay, as well as insurance and security in payment Stable; at the logistics level, Cainiao Logistics provides the entire third-party inter-line transportation and the entire express support.

Help Wuhan “refueled shrimp”, cold chain technology will achieve freshness throughout the year

This year’s epidemic has caused HubeiCrayfish are seriously unsaleable. In addition, there are many agricultural products that are unsaleable during the epidemic. Under such circumstances, digitization is particularly important.

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Alibaba helps Wuhan”refueled shrimp”

This year, Hema spent 1 billion to purchase in Hubei and entrusted the four largest factories in Hubei for 24-hour processing and launched the”refueled shrimp” . This large-scale purchase of Hema has greatly helped farmers in Hubei. Hou Yi said that Hema will also launch crayfish hot pot this year, and the research and development has been completed. After trying last year, it was discovered that the crayfish hot pot is very popular among the people. This year’s crayfish hot pot, Hema has a large inventory, there will be good freezing technology, thawing technology, processing technology to enable crayfish to keep fresh throughout the year.

Beijing’s epidemic in June is severe again. Due to the blockade of the new market and the removal of salmon, seafood in many places has become unsaleable, imported products are completely unsaleable, and domestic prices have dropped to three points. One or even half of them have caused great losses to seafood operators. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Hema launched a “rescue of domestically produced seafood” campaign, doubling sales by halving the price, fully proving the market power of seafood products. Hou Yi said that as long as there is demand from the common people, Hema will use digital capabilities to sell healthy and hygienic products to consumers.

Xi’an into the five northwestern provinces sorting warehouse, open up and downstream to sell to the whole country

At present, Ali has set up a collection and processing center in Yunnan, Guangxi, in the south. Both places are home to fruits, suitable for fruit sorting. Nanning Cang mainly produces kiwi, dragon fruit, pomegranate, mango and other commodities. Such commodities are sold to the whole country through the entire digital agriculture, including Ali Taobao, Tmall, RT-Mart. The sorting warehouse took shape at the beginning of this year, and it reached a burst position two or three months after the completion of the construction. Next year, Ali will further expand the sorting warehouse.

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Fruit sorting center

In the north, Xi’an Consolidation Center was established. Xi’an Consolidation Center is going to make 25,000 tons of apples, 3000 tons of kiwis, 1,000 tons of peaches, 1,000 tons of persimmons, and 1,000 tons of Xinjiang Red Fuji apples. Xi’an will be a distribution center for agricultural products facing the five northwestern provinces and radiating the Belt and Road countries. The major products of the northwest cities will be sorted in the Xi’an warehouse. A large number of localized agricultural products will be processed and sorted by the collection and transportation center and sold to the whole country. Benefit a large number of northwest fruit farmers. Alibaba helps them distribute through digitalization and achieve upstream and downstream connections, all of which will achieve the integration of standards.

The “Fruit Shuttle” is opened in Yunnan and is shipped to Beijing and Shanghai every day

From flowers to Matsutake, Yunnan has been working closely with Ali to open Taobao Searching for love to help farmers, Yunnan has two categories of flowers and fruits, because of its unique geographical location has inherent advantages. Yunnan’s agricultural products have always been favored by the country, especially Beijing and Shanghai white-collar workers. Taking flowers as an example, consumers in Beijing and Shanghai have stronger purchasing power and are more willing to invest in the lifestyle brought by flowers.

Based on the demand of first-tier cities for Yunnan’s agricultural products, Ali has opened regular buses to ensure that high-quality fruits in Yunnan can be supplied and sold to Beijing and Shanghai through the cold chain. The other is flowers. Hema’s current sales volume of flowers is already huge. It turns out that it is still going through a third party. This year, it has opened its own shuttle full-length cold chain to send flowers to Shanghai and Beijing. Since Yunnan has good fruit supply all year round, it is the most important hub node in the entire Chinese agricultural sector. Alibaba will also plan to build a larger warehouse in Yunnan this year to ensure that agricultural products throughout Yunnan quickly enter the national market.

Efficient will not let farmers lose their jobs, production warehouses provide jobs

As my country’s primary industry, agriculture is the foundation of the economy. my country has always been a big agricultural country, but it is not a strong agricultural country. There are many constraints in agriculture, such as a downturn in the market, low prices for agricultural products, high labor costs, and the impact of natural disasters. Farmers affected by the above restrictions have difficulty in ensuring high-quality crops every year on crops. Once they catch up with natural disasters, they are more likely to lose their grains or produce large amounts of agricultural products.

This sudden epidemic has caused a large number of Guangxi agricultural products to be unsaleable, including passion fruit, fertile orange, and sugar orange. Alibaba exerts its own advantages to practice corporate responsibility, urgently launching the”Love to Help Agriculture” plan, converging the power of the digital economy, solving key issues such as logistics, transportation and sales channels in a short time, and opening up the”line of direct supply of agricultural products from the country of origin to the country” Online and offline dedicated line”. Help Guangxi sell agricultural products totaling 15 million catties, exceeding 48 million yuan.

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Guangxi Dragon Fruit Base

In the warehouses of Guangxi and Yunnan, Ali initially provided nearly 600 jobs to help farmers become industrial workers. Hou Yi said that Ali Digital Agriculture hopes to establish a model of future agricultural development through self-employment, to promote the development of China’s agriculture, to help farmers understand the market in a real sense, to understand information, and to sell agricultural products at good prices. Farmers have planned planting, through order agriculture, to ensure that the commodities made by agricultural products can be sold through Ali’s entire system in a timely manner.

So the efficiency brought about by technology does not make farmers unemployed. On March 30, Taobao officially released the Village Broadcasting Plan 2.0. In 2020, it will unite with the commercial and agricultural departments of 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Guangxi to jointly incubate 200,000 new farmers. 15 billion. The Village Broadcasting Plan not only provides a stage for farmers’ anchors, cultivates e-commerce talents, but also promotes e-commerce supporting customer service, logistics and other industries, forming a complete ecological chain from people to goods to industry.

There is a saying inside Ali,”The only constant is change.” Hou Yi said that China’s agricultural market has great opportunities and adjustments, so Ali is willing to invest.”We are willing to explore some things that we did not do well, or no one has done. From the perspective of the Internet and the digital economy, can the entire agricultural production chain, supply chain, and sales end be able to A major reorganization occurred.”