Alibaba’s first”new foreign trade artifact”, the buyer’s order placement rate is 217%higher

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[Picture:Alibaba International Station intelligent hair product test results. 】

Cross-border e-commerce Xiaobai can also”sell the world with one click”. Alibaba International Station will launch the”Smart Commodity Release” function this week. This is the first application of the smart hairpin function in the global cross-border e-commerce field.

In the past, hiring two professional operators was the standard for a cross-border e-commerce online store, ranging from retouching pictures, writing detail pages, setting titles and keywords, to “online stores” The decoration requires manual work.

The intelligent product delivery function, based on data and intelligent dual drive, maximizes the selling point of the product while it is on the shelf:through image detection and recognition technology, the product features are accurately extracted; combined with industry trends, automatic recommendation Product attributes and other content.

Under the epidemic, new foreign trade has become an inevitable trend, and new technologies are the foundation of new foreign trade.

The new foreign trade model created by Alibaba International Station with digital technology has become the main track for the foreign trade industry to overcome difficulties and win the future. In March, the number of new merchants on Alibaba International Station increased by 194%month-on-month.

The huge test that enterprises face from offline to online is whether they have the ability to operate e-commerce. Hair products are the first program to be circulated online. Smart hair products function as a stepping stone, opening a new door for foreign trade enterprises.

The reporter learned that the smart hairpin function went online for testing in February this year. The monitoring results show that when merchants use smart hair products, the overall release efficiency has been improved by 40%, and merchants can save about 10,000 yuan in labor costs every month.

The monitoring results also show that compared with artificial hair products, the click rate of buyers is 20%higher on average, the number of business opportunities is 195%higher on average, and the order placement rate is higher 217%.