Alipay train ticket goes online for”Anyone” activity, with a maximum discount of 200 yuan

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Recently, Alipay The train tickets went online for the”Anything You Go” activity, and the main ticket purchases were discounted. It is understood that this event includes three preferential activities:88 yuan to buy a half-year train card, free opening of the sesame GO-train week card, 12306 small program to buy tickets to get a big gift package. At 12 noon every day on July 15th and 16th, go to Alipay to search for”Xpress as you like” and you can snap up your train ticket to reduce your interest. The concessions issued this time can enjoy up to 200 yuan discount, and there are no city restrictions across the country. The number of active products is limited to 5,000, first come first served.

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specific It can be seen that the half-year train card can be exchanged for 88 yuan for 10 train ticket reductions, and the cumulative discount can be reduced by 200 yuan; the train weekly card needs to open the Sesame GO, which can be used for 4 discounts at 0 yuan; the travel package includes bus coupons and subway Coupons, riding coupons, taxi coupons, each person can get a gift package, the type of discount and denomination are randomly distributed, subject to the actual display of the card package. It is worth noting that the train half-year card and bi-weekly card can only be purchased one, the discount is limited to 12306 Alipay applet, and the user Alipay version needs to be upgraded to version 10.1.95 and above.

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this This event is the first event following the official launch of 2306 official Alipay applet. A few days ago, the two parties just reached a cooperation. Users can purchase train tickets or refund or change tickets on the top page of the latest version of Alipay’s home page, or search for”12306″ in Alipay to achieve one-click ticket purchase. In the follow-up, the 12306 Alipay applet will also be upgraded to introduce the”alternate order placement function”. Passengers can submit ticket purchase requirements by date, train number and seat type when there is no ticket for the required train number and seat type, and after prepaying the ticket, The ticketing system automatically arranges online queuing candidates.

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near For some time, preferential travel products have caused widespread concern in the industry. Not long ago, Alibaba’s travel brand Feizhu also officially launched a”willful fly” product, which mainly costs 66 yuan to fly nationwide. It is understood that there is a limited number of grabs in the Flying Pig App at 10 and 20 o’clock every day. The first phase of the event is from July 15 to July 31. Consumers can buy a flight at a price starting from RMB 66 after grabbing the”willful flight” qualification, regardless of the airline company, route or travel time. Search for flights and dates in the Flying Pig App to purchase tickets. All domestic flights that do not include engine-built fuel and whose face value is less than 500 yuan (including) can be reduced to 66 yuan.

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