American Airlines plans to issue layoff warnings this week

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China Airlines News Network News:According to Flight International’s report on July 14, American Airlines ( American Airlines) plans to issue a layoff warning to employees this week, which may result in the removal of about 1,500 pilots.

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At the time when the new crown epidemic hit the nation’s aviation industry, American Airlines had already prepared for layoffs. According to the requirements of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of the United States, companies are required to notify employees 60 days in advance that they may face layoffs or temporary leave, and they cannot be assured in the notice that they will be dismissed.

American Airlines and the union organization representing about 15,000 pilots of the company have reached early retirement and Preliminary agreement for voluntary leave.

The American Airlines Pilots Association wants the company to provide more pilots with early retirement options, but also warns that this may increase costs because some pilots will need to be trained on new aircraft to avoid unemployment. Only old pilots may be forced to take vacations or retire early, and new pilots are more likely to be directly unemployed.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker (Doug Parker) said that American Airlines may need to cut 1500 to 1600 pilot positions.

Dennis Tajer, chairman of the Communications Committee of the American Aeronautics Association, warned:”When the aviation industry rebounds, airlines that cut too many pilots may find it difficult to rebound.”