American woman fell into a brain injury while dancing in a bar, and her family received 154 million”astronomical compensation”

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According to American media reports on July 14, an American woman accidentally fell into a building while dancing with friends in a bar, causing her to be thrown into a permanent brain injury and unable to take care of herself. In the end, the woman’s family took the bar owner, owner, and property company to court, and they finally received $22 million (approximately RMB 154 million) in”sky price compensation.”


​It is reported that Meghan from Cleveland, USA Keef is the woman who fell from the building. On July 14, local time, the US media exposed some court records of the case. Records show that Meghan’s family signed a settlement agreement with the owner, owner and property company of the incident bar. The agreement ended a three-year lawsuit and also exposed the bar’s attempt to cover up the facts after the incident.

The incident bar

This agreement states that the bar’s The property company agreed to compensate Meghan’s family for US$20 million (approximately RMB 140 million), and the bar owner and owner each paid US$1 million (approximately RMB 7 million). The report mentioned that the head of the bar’s property company and the bar owner are the same person, named Neil Winnie. The American media contacted Meghan’s lawyer Craig Bashing on July 14, but the other party declined to comment on the high compensation.

Inside the bar

The court records show , This incident occurred on March 17, 2017. On the day of the incident, Megan and some friends drank some wine in the apartment, and then drove to a bar in the city center. The party went directly to the second floor of the bar, and Megan ordered drinks for friends. Several young people happily danced in the open space near the railing. As a result, the baffle under the railing broke, and Megan fell directly downstairs. A customer in the bar said that Megan fell head down when she fell from the building, and her head hit the granite bar.

Bar second floor

The incident Afterwards, bar staff Nick Esso dragged Megan out of the bar and put her on the street outside. Other employees began to wipe the blood on the bar floor, and bar manager Samir Nahel hurried to the second floor to repair the broken baffle. Megan’s lawyers said that the actions of these people were covering up the facts.

There are baffles under the railing on the second floor of the bar

After being sent to the hospital, Meghan was in a long-term coma. She suffered traumatic brain injury and cerebral hemorrhage and could not take care of herself since then. Recently, her family took her home.


Megan pendant After the building incident, the bar closed the passage to the second floor and reopened after the baffle was repaired. However, the bar is now completely closed.