America’s top expert once again bombards Trump:WHO is good, don’t leave the group

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On the 15th, the highest expert in the United States once again bombarded Trump’s epidemic policy!

Dr. Fossi publicly asked Trump to resume cooperation with WHO and return to the WHO, which directly conflicts with Trump’s line of accusation and withdrawal from WHO!

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesDr. Anthony Fossi, just delivered a speech to students at Georgetown University. He urged the Trump administration to resume contact with the World Health Organization. He said it is necessary for the United States to cooperate with WHO to deal with pandemics like the current new virus epidemic.

Forsy said:”WHO is an imperfect organization. I hope to see some corrections to make our relationship with WHO more in line with our needs.”

“So I hope that the tension between the United States and the World Health Organization will eventually be resolved in a way that benefits both parties, because the world does need WHO to coordinate the response to such an outbreak.”

US President Donald Trump has informed the World Health Organization that the United States plans to officially leave the organization in July next year. Trump accused the WHO of”making mistakes”, and Trump also said that the WHO said the virus is not easy to spread from person to person and other remarks in February.

Earlier this week, a White House memo accused Dr. Fushi of contradicting himself. The memo criticized Fossi’s past recommendations for a new virus and blamed Fossi for the US epidemic. But the Trump administration later denied the existence of the White House memo that attacked Fossi.

The top American health expert said that the new virus vaccine’s The development progress shows that although the extensive verification and application of the vaccine requires additional time, it can be successfully developed this year.

“When it comes to vaccines, I think they are in a pretty good position now,” Fawsey said:”If it goes as smoothly as we hope, I think by the end of 2020 and early 2021, there will be enough Information to know whether the current candidate vaccine will be safe and effective.”

Fossi also said that one of the most promising candidate vaccines to date, a safe and effective vaccine that triggers immunization, will be Later in the week, the latest progress was announced. But Fossi did not disclose details.

However, it takes medical researchers a year or more to confirm how long the new virus can provide immunity. From a practical point of view, a vaccine can provide long-term protection, at least it needs to protect individuals”a complete season cycle”, to make sense. If the immunization cycle is insufficient, Fossi added that the vaccine can be strengthened through supplementation to improve immunity that declines over time.

According to reports, hundreds of vaccines are currently under development, at least a dozen of which are in the third phase of trials.

According to the data from Johns Hopkins University, As of 8 pm on the 14th, the number of confirmed cases of infection with new viruses worldwide exceeded 13.25 million cases, and the number of deaths exceeded 576,000.

The US epidemic is quite serious, with more than 3.4 million diagnosed cases and more than 139,000 deaths.

In addition, Johns Hopkins University claims that more than 300 cases have been infected in Latin America and the Caribbean region Million, of which more than 1.9 million have been diagnosed in Brazil.

In the past 4 days, India has added more than 100,000 cases, and the number of confirmed cases in India is close to 1 million, which is already the third most serious epidemic in the world.