An accident occurred in India’s New Coronary Pneumonia Admission Hospital:thousands of people went on strike, demanding a salary increase

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The data released by the Ministry of Health of India shows that as of July 14, the number of confirmed cases of new pneumonia in India has risen to 906,752. At a time when the Indian epidemic situation is not optimistic, nearly a thousand hospital employees in a hospital in Telangana have held continuous strikes, demanding improvements in medical facilities and higher salaries.

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According to the India Today website report, on the 14th local time, Hyderabad City Gandhi nearly 200 nurses and about 800 contract workers including cleaners, security guards, and nursing staff held protests, seeking wage increases and increasing medical facilities through strikes . It is reported that this hospital is the designated hospital for the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia.

A nurse who participated in the protest said in an interview:”We have been protesting for 3 days. On the 13th, we were detained and taken to the police station, which was released at night. Today (14th ), we continue to strike and protest. The government assured us that we will adjust the wages, but we have not fulfilled our promises. We have no choice but to protest.”

Indian media said that this is no longer the hospital’s health work For the first time, the protesters came out to protest. Earlier, after the death of a patient with new coronary pneumonia, his relatives attacked the doctor in the hospital, prompting a protest. The doctors in the hospital resumed work only after three days of protests and the government said it would guarantee their personal safety.

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“India Silicon Valley” Bangalore again”Fengcheng”

Due to the substantial increase in the number of new crown cases, India’s Karnataka capital Bangalore 14 Day and night”closing the city” again for a week. According to data from the website of the Ministry of Health of India, as of 8:00 am on the 14th, more than 28,000 new crown cases were added in the past 24 hours, and the cumulative cases exceeded 900,000, second only to the United States and Brazil.

Bangalore is known as the”Silicon Valley of India” and has a population of approximately 13 million. Starting at 8 pm local time on the 14th, various religious sites, public transportation, government agencies and most shops will be closed, and residents are only allowed to go out if necessary.

Some technology companies can continue to start work to maintain the back-office operations of companies around the world, but the number of people working in the office should not exceed half of the total number of employees. Schools and restaurants will continue to close.

In order to curb the epidemic, the Indian government implemented the”closing the city” measures at the end of March, and then extended it several times. From June 8th, the control will be relaxed in stages. Most parts of India have entered the second phase of”unblocking”, and the areas with severe epidemics are still under strict control.

Bangalore has been gradually”unblocked”, but the number of cases has recently rebounded sharply. The cumulative number of confirmed cases is about 1,000 in mid-June, and nearly 20,000 cases on the 13th of this month.

Bangalore health official Shivthiba Gorlapati told Reuters on the 14th that the number of cases in the city has risen sharply since the end of June, due to New Crown Virus increased detection and increased outing activities. However, some health experts believe that the government is eager to”unblock” the number of cases.

Indian media reported that India’s new crown cases were originally concentrated in large cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, etc. Later, the epidemic began to spread to smaller cities, forcing local governments to re-implement blockade measures.

Hours before Bangalore’s”closing city” measures came into effect, the Indian government of Bihar State announced that it would restart the blockade measures For 15 days. The population of Bihar is about 125 million, and the cumulative number of new crown cases is close to 19,000. Health officials reported on the 14th that there were 1432 new cases in the past 24 hours in Bihar, a record since the outbreak. At the same time, it was the third consecutive day of more than 1,000 new cases.

In addition, the city of Maharashtra Pune announced on the 13th that it was”closing the city”. There were 1333 new cases in 24 hours. Uttar Pradesh, with a population of about 200 million, also re-implemented the anti-epidemic blockade measures due to the rebound of the epidemic situation.

India’s new crown confirmed cases exceeded 900,000 , With 553 new deaths. As of 8:00 local time on the 14th, a total of 906,752 cases were diagnosed, a total of 23,727 cases were died, and a total of 572,112 cases were cured.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in India exceeded 800,000 on July 11 to 900,000 on the 14th in only 3 days. In the past 24 hours, there have been more than 1,000 newly confirmed cases in 10 states or regions in India. Among them, Tamil Nadu added 4,328 confirmed cases.

Source:North Evening New Vision Network Comprehensive CCTV News, Beijing Evening News, Xinhua News Agency

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