An amazing”UFO fragment” was found in the museum

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Several UFO fragments have been found in the archives of the Science Museum recently.

A fragment of a mysterious object called”British version Roswell” in the Archives of the Science Museum After being hidden for decades, it was finally discovered.

In 1957, newspapers reported the discovery of a small”copper bottom flying saucer” in the Silver Wilderness near Scarborough.

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Although the object has been tested and found to be from Earth, this unusual object has caused widespread interest.

After the archivist was informed of the”cultural significance” of these fragments, they re-examined them.

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Dr. David Clark, a news lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, gave a speech on the UFO archives of the British Ministry of Defense at the London Museum , Invited to study these fragments.

In an interview with reporters, he said that the metal object was initially discovered by three men on the wilderness a few weeks after the launch of Russia’s first artificial satellite.

The report at the time showed that this 18-inch metal dish had a thin copper plate with hieroglyphs carved on it.

He said:”It is patched and cut into small pieces for different people to study.”

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With the research of the Natural History Museum and the University of Manchester, doubts about its authenticity quickly surfaced, which is probably a”well-designed scam”.

Despite this, Dr. Clark said that this object created an urban legend and triggered many conspiracy theories.

At a recent meeting about the National Archives, Dr. Clark was told that there were”unidentified flying object fragments” in the cigarette cases in the museum’s collection.

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Khalil Thirlaway, the developer who showed the fragments said:”I’ve been looking at three or four with aviation historian Charles Harvard Gibbs- The large folder related to Smith, he is also a UFO enthusiast and found these things.

“They are likely from the Silver Wilderness because they are related to the description of the discovery at the time .

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Dr. Clark said:”He opened the tin box and took out the fragments. This was an amazing discovery-it was already there. Half a century.

He added:”I thought it was a prank, but the problem still exists-who paid such a big price to get in trouble, what did they get from it?

“It has been described as Roswell of England, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration.”

“We are now aware of their cultural significance, and they may continue to exhibit.”