Another governor of Brazil diagnoses new coronary pneumonia

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Polivardo Chagos, Governor of Sergipe State in eastern Brazil, announced on the afternoon of the 15th local time that he accepted the New crown virus test, the result is positive. Since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia outbreak in Brazil, Chagos is the 9th confirmed in 26 states and 1 federal district of the country New Coronary Pneumonia Governor.

Chagos said on his social media that he had mild symptoms and had begun to isolate himself at home while handling government affairs. He also once again called on the residents of the state to keep their homes as segregated as possible, and to wear masks when going out.

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△Bolivardo Chagos, Governor of Sergipe State, Eastern Brazil

Sergipe State has accumulated more than 40,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia and 1054 deaths people. (Tang Ye, reporter from the main station)