Ape Counseling and Beijing Winter Olympics create”new coordinates”

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2022 is a very significant year for Beijing and even China. It is jointly held by Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The Winter Olympics, which is also the host city, will kick off this year. Beijing will be the first”Double Olympic City” that has hosted both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. It is also the first time that China has held the Winter Olympics.

Facing the upcoming Winter Olympics. There is an”ice and snow fever” all over the country. In the park, there are crowds on the mountains that experience snow sports and snow culture. Through the competition of skills and the interaction of games, people have exercised their physical fitness in the game. Feel the unique ice and snow fun in the Northland. I also deeply realized the Olympic spirit of”higher, faster and stronger”.

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The Winter Olympics struck, and the ape counseling continued to help. On July 13, 2020, the Ape Counseling Company and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee officially announced that Ape Counseling Online Education will become the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games the official online education service sponsor. As an industry that has only emerged for only ten years, young online education and the Centennial Olympics have joined hands for the first time, taking the opportunity of the ape counseling online education to join the Olympic family, with the help of the communication windows of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, It will make more audiences around the world feel the powerful power of China’s science and technology education, and help the Olympics open the”online age.”

Ape Counseling will rely on the advantages of large-scale online education, rely on scientific and technological power, educational power and influence to spread the Olympic knowledge and spirit, so that more people can understand the Olympics and participate in the Winter Olympics. Its platform has a total of 400 million users and will carry out a wealth of Olympic public welfare courses and activities to help promote the promotion of Olympic education. In the future, Ape Counseling will also cooperate with sports stars and education gurus to launch Olympic science popularization courses for young people to expand the influence of the Olympics.

Li Xin, co-founder of Ape Coaching, said:”As a young company in an emerging industry, being able to participate in the historic event of the Beijing Winter Olympics is a recognition of the online education industry. Ape Coaching Online Education Will certainly live up to expectations, while actively promoting the Beijing Winter Olympics brand culture, continue to build high-quality products and achieve rapid development of enterprises.”

“Faster, higher, stronger” Olympic spirit and online education The exploration spirit of the industry is similar. Online education has always been accompanied by surpassing and breaking through, breaking through the walls of classrooms, getting rid of the limitations of time and space, linking hundreds of millions of families and children, and making personalized teaching possible.

During the epidemic, online education has made a creative contribution to ensuring that 200 million Chinese elementary and middle school students can study at home with peace of mind. As a responsible online education company, Ape Counseling provides free online courses for 38 million students in China through live webcasts. Courses include consolidation learning classes, master humanities classes, role models for youth, etc. 70 More than 50,000 minutes of comprehensive quality improvement courses. So that students can access knowledge without barriers, even when they are at home.

It is a new pursuit of ape counseling to spare no effort to support the national”new infrastructure” construction. Improving the level of education with artificial intelligence is an emerging trend in the field of education. Some experts believe that artificial intelligence can split knowledge points and master the massive data association between knowledge points, so as to teach all students according to their aptitude and greatly improve teaching efficiency. Ape Counseling is the first online education company to establish an AI research institute. Its AI research team comes from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Microsoft and other well-known institutions and institutions. It is committed to the development and exploration of cutting-edge technology in education scenarios around the world. By innovating the interactive form of classroom and learning, it enhances the immersion and participation of learning, and enhances the learning experience and effect. At present, more than 400 million primary and secondary school students and parents users have benefited from this.

For China, the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics will further showcase China’s image to the world and enhance national soft power and international influence. Together with the ape counseling and the Winter Olympics, China’s education industry will shine on the international stage and start a new stage of industry development.

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