Appreciation of ELLE Germany’s August blockbuster·Perfect interpretation of white desert and supermodel swimsuit

By yqqlm yqqlm

Desert, swimwear? The photographer’s idea this time was quite interesting. The magnificence and leisure of the sea was changed to another state, replaced by a white desert. The spontaneous silence and the super high model tension were pulled away. The whole scene was still very shocking. of.

During the scorching sun, unlike a vacation near the beach, the photographer does not seem to care, but is conveying a different state of mind. Wherever the heart is, it can be a resort. The white desert is wrinkled. On the sea surface, the strong sunlight is the extraordinary sunbathing.

The model is Anais Garnier (Anas Garnier) The local is also famous for its exquisite atmospheric facial features and exquisite figure curves, making this time a perfect film. The large-scale film of the original camera is very important for composition and light, and the delightful visual effect is still very good. .

From another point of view, the interpretation of the side will think which beach is not far from the sea, but from a panoramic perspective, there is only an endless desert that has not been seen by dripping water. No less than any blockbuster shot on the beach.