Are the four northern islands coming back? Russia breaks Japanese fantasy

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For Japan, maybe the four northern islands really have to come back.

Japan has a large population, few resources, and a shortage of resources. It has always wanted to have vast territory and become a continental country. But subject to historical, geographical and military factors, Japan can only think about it. However, as Japan’s economic strength became stronger and the United States secretly supported it, Japan’s desire to demand the four northern islands became more and more urgent.

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However, Russia actually controls the four northern islands There is no meaning to return. Now the Japanese dream has been broken through the bill.

According to Kyodo News, recently, the amendments to the Russian Constitution have been passed by the upper and lower chambers of Russia and received high votes. Putin has signed a presidential decree, and the amendment to the Russian Constitution will take effect on July 4. Article 67 of the new Russian Constitution stipulates that it is forbidden to cede any territory of Russia, which is tantamount to legally blocking the hands of Japan for the four northern islands.

The northern four islands are not only Japan’s lost homeland, it is also a land of feng shui, rich in fishery resources, oil and gold resources. It also has great military value and is an important channel for access to the Pacific Ocean and connectivity to East Asia. In November 1941, the Japanese Navy deployed its core maritime forces on the four northern islands and successfully attacked Pearl Harbor, causing huge losses to the United States. During World War II, the four northern islands were occupied by the Soviet Union, and heavy weapons were deployed here, triggering a military competition with the United States.

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Because it is a hometown, it is rich in resources and has high military value, so Japan is very irritable and always wants to find an opportunity to come back. After the restoration of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Soviet Union in 1954, the Japanese government embarked on the road to Sok-do, but neither through economic cooperation nor through human relations could it &34;impress&34;Russia.

The reason is that the four northern islands are very important for Russia.

First, the Russian Far East has a small population and lags behind in economic development, as does the four northern islands. But the biggest advantage of the four northern islands is that they are close to the East Asian economic circle of Japan, South Korea, and relying on this economic circle can achieve rapid development. This is a good thing for Russia, which lacks economic capabilities.

Second, The four northern islands are the forward bases for Russia to counter the US-Japan encirclement. In recent years, Japan has followed the United States, continuously expanding its troops and preparing for war, and has purchased many advanced weapons. In particular, Japan’s combined fleet has a very large operational advantage, which undoubtedly brought security pressure to Russia. If it were not for Russia to have a huge nuclear arsenal, it is estimated that Japan had already used these equipment advantages to seize the island by force. Therefore, in order to counter the United States and Japan, Russia has built the four northern islands into a military base.

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Russia believes that as long as the four northern islands are mastered, Japan will not Dare to fight against Russia with the United States. Of course, Russia’s tough premise is that the four northern islands are in their own hands, so everything is up to Moscow. Conversely, if Russia is not strong enough, the four northern islands may return to Japan.

Because Russia has an iron-fisted President Putin, it is under a series of Putin’s policies that Russia can grow stronger and gain international voice, making Japan dare not act rashly. Therefore, Japan has always dreamed that once Putin resigns, then if the successor cannot grasp the domestic situation in Russia, cannot dance well on the international stage, and cannot reverse the reality of the Russian economic downturn. Then Japan can take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the four northern islands.

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But now with the passage of the Russian Constitution Amendment Act, Putin is very It is possible that he will be re-elected until 2026, and all the illusions in Japan are broken. In other words, as long as Putin is in charge of Russia, Abe don’t want to go back to the four northern islands. After all, Putin said that Russian territorygoeslarge, but no inch is superfluous. If Japan is not a life-and-death challenge, it will be ruthlessly hit by Russia.