As the situation in the Middle East continued to be tense, a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft crashed while performing its mission, killing 7 people on board

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As a global hotspot, conflicts in the Middle East have continued. Over the past few months, Turkey has made a number of major moves, such as the excuse of combating the PKK’s dispatch of troops to the Iraqi border. Analysts believe that Turkey’s move may be to repeat the old tricks and establish a safe zone in northern Iraq. At the same time, Turkey also intervened in the situation in Libya and once fought against France in the Mediterranean.

On July 14, when a joint patrol formed by Turkey and Russia was in a mission in northern Syria, it was suddenly hit by a car bomb and damaged two armored cars, injuring three people.

One wave after another, just in July News came out on the 16th that a Turkish reconnaissance plane suddenly crashed. The incident occurred in Van Province in eastern Turkey. All seven people on board were killed on the spot. In the context of the continued tension in the surrounding situation, the crash of the Turkish reconnaissance plane inevitably caused the outside world to associate.

According to Turkish Minister of the Interior Sulaiman Tudu, the crashed reconnaissance plane took off from Van Ferit Melen Airport at 18:34 local time on July 15, local time, to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance operations until 22:00 At 45 minutes, the reconnaissance plane suddenly lost contact with the ground control center, and then confirmed that the reconnaissance plane had crashed.

At present, there is speculation that the Turkish reconnaissance plane crashed, It may be a problem such as its own failure. However, before the accident investigation report was released, the possibility that the Turkish reconnaissance plane was also shot down could not be ruled out.

Because before this, Turkey has launched many cross-border military operations, shooting down many Syrian fighters. Taking March 3 as an example, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that it shot down an L-39 Syrian fighter in the Idlib area. From March 1 to 2, Turkey shot down two Syrian fighters.

For Turkey, the timing of the crash is very high Not good. In the past few days, due to the Hagia Sophia, Turkey’s relations with Western countries have been very tense. For nearly a century, Hagia Sophia has been open to the public as a museum, which is also the best solution at present.

In recent years, there have been repeated oppositions in Turkey demanding that Hagia Sophia be converted into a mosque. On July 10th, the Turkish Supreme Administrative Court announced the abolition of the decision of the cabinet meeting in 1934 to change the Hagia Sophia to a museum. Then Turkish President Erdogan announced that Hagia Sophia would be changed from a museum to a mosque. Muslims will begin worship here on July 24th, triggering an uproar in the international community.

It can be seen that the Turkish reconnaissance plane crashed, even if finally confirmed It was an accident that also produced unexpected changes. The current situation in the Middle East is not stable, and Turkey is already one of the important participants. In this case, every move of the relevant country will become an important variable affecting the situation.