At the age of 46, Zhou Xun’s aura is strong, wearing black stockings is not low at all, and it is very expensive with a sequined top.

By yqqlm yqqlm

Speaking of actresses in acting in the entertainment industry in the Mainland, Zhou Xun is definitely one to mention. This actress who looks elegant, has outstanding acting skills, and has a great general style, not only starred in countless film and television works, but also won numerous awards at home and abroad. The super-high understanding of acting career and her natural talents for actors have given her the ability to excel, and she also used the”风声“,”Ru Yi Zhuan” and other representative works impressed the audience. Although he is no longer young, Zhou Xun, 46, has a strong aura, wears black stockings and is not low, and is very expensive with a sequined top.

The black sequin top uses a dull black to show the glitter of the sequin elements, with low-key gorgeousness and gorgeousness with connotation. The tailored cut made the top look Zhou Xun’s petite and exquisite. Black tight hot pants are sexy and domineering.

The combination of sequin elements and black patterns makes this top not look vulgar at all, but feels extravagant. The simple and refreshing mid-distribution dish has a bun, which is smart, stylish and elegant.

The bright silver snake-shaped collar is the same style as the wrist The bracelet has a full sense of design and styling personality, which brings dazzling decorative details to the whole dress.

Dark lips highlight the middle-aged women A kind of calm and calm, long eyeliner highlights the upper pick of the eyes, charming and young.

tight black shorts with translucent black silk stockings, A proper one is elegant and sexy, and does not feel LOW at all. It can be said that such a shape not only meets her age characteristics, but also exudes maturity and femininity in a low-key and restrained style.

There are many such very young people in daily dress Little girl style. Black bottoming vest with half-length jeans, simple and casual, casual sunshine, a yellow lamb cashmere short jacket, brightens the entire color.

Whether it is earrings, vests or backpacks, they are all unified First-line brand, showing a noble spirit. The sunglasses with stiff lines and short, casual hair look cool and handsome.

You will also have a more refreshing and elegant appearance when attending some events This white dress skirt adopts a deep V-neck design, bringing a little sexy, decorative yarn on the front of the dress, making the whole dress look very delicate.

The long sleeves were split and designed to bring A smart, white with a pair of aqua blue pointed high-heeled shoes, all highlight a cool summer.

As a drama-level star, Zhou Xun now chooses his favorite works to perform more. I believe that as she ages, her charm still exists.