Atlanta Nova:We are a big family, my idol is Kaka

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Live it on July 15th. In the Serie A league that just ended early this morning in Beijing time, Atlanta beat Brescia 6-2. Atlanta striker Collie came off the bench and passed the goal. After the game, Colli accepted an interview with an Italian Sky Sports reporter.

Collie said:”I am very excited about the result of the game. I am also happy about the development of the Gambia football. We are a very small country, but when professional players continue to emerge here, it proves everything. Very smooth.”

“My idol is Kaka, I often watch his videos. But when I entered the first team in Atlanta, I often watch Muriel, Alejandro Go The performance of champion players like Max and Ilicic, I have to learn a lot from them, I hope I can stay in Atlanta, Gasperini can make players grow, I am very happy to work with him.”

“What’s special about Atlanta? To be honest, when I came to Atlanta, I found myself joining a big family. What was the most important advice Gasperini gave me? Work harder Work, don’t blindly pursue speed, but think about the problem, this is the most important thing.”

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