Australian MP threatened to expel 100 Chinese diplomats:they have long been engaged in”espionage”

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[Text/Observer Network Xiong Chaoran] While China-Australia relations are tense, there are still some Australian politicians who wantonly act with no bottom line.

According to the Australian media”Canberra Times” reported on the 15th, Senator Rex Patrick of the Centre Alliance in Australia has recently claimed that he hopes the government will”at least”100 Chinese diplomats and consulate staff”drove out” of Australia.

The Canberra Times pointed out that once this aggressive idea comes true, it will inevitably provoke a strong response from China, and even”revenge.” But in Patrick’s view, these are”worthy.”

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Screenshot of the Canberra Times report

Reported that Patrick said on the 15th that for the sake of”national security”, the number of Chinese diplomats in Australia must be significantly reduced.”Australian government should clenched their teeth to carry out, this kind of action should have been done long ago.”

In Patrick’s view, China currently has nearly 150 diplomats in Australia. In the remaining four”five-eye alliance” member states of the United States, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. He believes that China’s diplomatic system in Australia is”somewhat bloated” and hopes to”expel” two-thirds of it.

Besides that, Patrick also has some reasons to say. He believes that the diplomats of the Chinese embassy and consulate not only frequently”ignore” Australian ministers and diplomats in their exchanges, they have also been engaged in”espionage activities” and”political intervention activities” for a long time.

“In the past 20 years, China’s intelligence activities in Australia have been “massively expanding”, which is already an open secret.” Patrick also wrote a story, claiming that it has received more attention because of cyber espionage. Gao, China is “very keen on traditional artificial intelligence activities”, most of which are carried out under the cover of diplomatic and consular activities.

Patrick also said that Australia must readjust its relationship with China and stand on a “more solid foundation”. However, what he called”re-adjusting Sino-Australian relations” are all the remarks mentioned above.

In fact, many recent mistakes by Australia have seriously affected the relationship between China and Australia.

Since the global pandemic of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Australian government has repeatedly claimed to conduct a so-called”independent investigation” on China’s response to the epidemic; since the adoption of the Hong Kong National Security Law and its effective entry into force, there have been many Australian governments During the discredit and attack, Prime Minister Morrison also threatened to consider following the example of the United Kingdom and provide a”safe haven” for people visiting Hong Kong in Australia. As for the ban on Huawei, as a member of the”Five Eyes Alliance”, Australia has long been Behind the United States has followed suit.

It is worth noting that although the”anti-China bias” in the Australian political arena has recently been blown, in sharp contrast, Australian business people are constantly trying to restore the relationship between China and Australia. According to reports, relevant people have been vocalizing on Australian media for the past few days, calling on the Australian government to do a good job with China and avoid falling into an economic recession, otherwise it will”a generation will not live as well as a generation.”

Recently, racial discrimination and acts of violence in Australia have increased significantly. Australian media continue to incite anti-China and Chinese hatred. Relevant Australian law enforcement agencies arbitrarily search Chinese citizens and detain items. On the 13th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Australia reminded Chinese citizens to pay close attention to local security risks and recently traveled cautiously to Australia.

At a routine press conference on June 24, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said about how to treat current China-Australia relations, saying that Australia has taken some wrong measures in its relations with China, Not conducive to creating a good atmosphere of public opinion between the people of the two countries.”We hope that Australia and China will act in the same direction, earnestly uphold the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and do more things that are conducive to mutual trust and cooperation between China and Australia and in line with the spirit of China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership.”

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