Baby wears leggings without high heels. Seeing her full-body picture under the picture, her real figure can be seen at a glance

By yqqlm yqqlm

Speaking of recent variety shows, many friends will think of the variety show”Run Man8″, this The Reuters picture of each episode of the show is also very exciting. This time the guests all wore equestrian uniforms. This shape of Cai Xukun must have been very excited by many friends. However, when it comes to equestrian uniforms, it is also quite Test the body, after all, the pants of the equestrian clothing are tights, this is not, baby wear tights without high heels, see her full-length picture under the picture, the real figure is obvious at a glance.

baby has always been very popular in the entertainment industry The figure and face value are also of great concern to everyone. Everyone knows that after the baby and Huang Xiaoming got married, the two also had a cute little son, but after the birth of the baby, the face value and figure did not seem to change much. The mother’s baby is still full of girls, making it difficult to think that she is already the mother of a 3-year-old child.

However, in a recent Reuters photo of”Running Man”, Baby wears leggings, the real figure is also obvious, everyone knows that baby is a model debut, presumably the figure is still very good, but goose leggings are also a test of the figure of the star, especially under the passerby lens, that figure can be described as It’s quite real and can be seen clearly from the screen. Baby wears white tights and red short sleeves, which is sporty.

However, baby wearing white tights does not match high heels, After all, it’s a sporty style. Baby wears flat sneakers, and his real body is also obvious. The baby’s legs don’t look very slender, and the pelvis is wider, and the thighs look a little thicker, so the baby’s legs also look There is no great sense of advantage, and the upper body of the baby is very slim, so that the ratio of the figure of the whole person looks like 5 or 5 points, which makes people feel a little surprised.

After all, baby is still a model, and his body has always been very good , But after seeing the full body picture under the baby picture, this figure ratio must have changed a lot of friends too! And it can be understood from the side. Baby bare feet, the whole person’s legs don’t look very long, after all, high heels are very long legs, but it is worth noting that there is a reason for the baby’s figure.

After all, baby is a person who has had children, and his body must be It can’t be compared with the young flower, and after giving birth, the pelvis will become wider. This time wearing tights in the show also shows the true body of the baby. I have to say that my mother is still very great! And although the baby’s legs are not very thin and long, but the baby’s legs are still very symmetrical, the legs are also very sensual, and will not give people a very shrivelled state.

And the face value of baby is still super anti-resistance lens , Even after giving birth to a baby, baby’s skin is still quite good, and full of youthful feeling, this is also inseparable from the delicate facial features of baby, seeing baby’s face is so delicate, presumably many small partners also ignored baby Figure it out! Compared with many treasure moms, the baby’s figure is already quite good! No wonder baby will always be liked!

baby wear tights without high heels, see her picture Under the full-body picture, the real figure can be seen at a glance. Do you like baby? Welcome to leave a message~