Barcelona vs Osasuna look forward:there is no retreat Barcelona needs to do their home victory

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Live broadcast on July 16th at 03:00 Beijing time on July 17th, 2019-2020 season La Liga league round 37 , Barcelona vs. Osasuna at home, then the live broadcast will bring you a live broadcast of the game, so stay tuned!

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Nature of the game:Round 37 of the La Liga 2019-2020 season

Location:Nou Camp Stadium

Game anchor:Coke


The last two rounds of La Liga, Barcelona are still behind Real Madrid 4 points, if Real Madrid wins this round, Barcelona will completely declare the end of the championship. The current situation is small but hopeful for Barcelona. All the team can do now is to be good at themselves and strive to win at home. If Barcelona cannot successfully win this round, Real Madrid will win the championship anyway, so Barcelona will certainly not want to use this method to crown the enemy. Fortunately, Barcelona has always been relatively strong at home. In the face of Osasuna, who has been desperate, Barcelona has a more aggressive attitude and can successfully get a three-pointer. Stay tuned.

Greizman is missing from the lineup, and the good news is the return of midfielder De Jong.


Osasuna is currently ranked first in the league 11. As the newly promoted team this season, the team has successfully completed the relegation task. The team is 6 points away from the European War. Since La Liga is a win-loss relationship, even if Osasuna wins two consecutive games, other teams lose. The ball, Osasuna’s qualification to break into the European War is also hopeless. There are still two rounds left in the league. Judging from the points, Osasuna has no desire or desire. Despite losing the goal, Osasuna is also more relaxed in mind, so it should not be underestimated. Whether Osasuna, who has a better stress-free mentality in this round, can cause trouble for Barcelona on the road, wait and see.