Beautiful little bridge becomes a spell of death, a 17-year-old French boy dives and dies of the Marne

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French “China Street” news:At about 16:30 last Saturday, a drowning accident occurred in the La Marne in the French province of Seine-et-Marne, A 17-year-old boy dived from a bridge 6 meters above the water and was killed.

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It is understood that the boy jumped into the water while playing with several partners. Several partners saw that he had not come up, so they called the police. Nine fire divers rushed to the scene to rescue, but when the teenager was taken out of the water, he had been drowning for about 10 minutes. On the river bank, another eight firefighters as well as emergency personnel and a helicopter were waiting for rescue. More than ten minutes after the rescue was still unsuccessful, the teenager was declared dead at about 18 pm.

Speaking of this bridge, It is regarded as a”dark area” by security personnel. Although the scenery is very good, it is difficult to manage. According to Mayor Chessy, despite the ban, many young people still dive into the Marne from the weather. Warning signs on bridges are often pulled or scribbled. To prevent young people from diving, the city government just installed barbed wire a few days ago, but some people still jumped down from the bridge deck.

The residents nearby are not surprised by the incident. According to one of them, when the weather is good, it’s like Disneyland, Sometimes more than forty young people take turns jumping down the bridge, and many accidents have occurred.

It is reported that This is the second drowning accident in the province of Seine and Marne in three days, last Thursday , A 15-year-old boy unfortunately drowned while playing on the amusement island of Varaires-Torcy, and the waters where he is located are also prohibited from launching.

Last summer, two people drowned on the Marne River in Meaux last week, including a 6-year-old child and a 48-year-old man.